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Beer Can Challenge

Back in January (2004), a model building challenge was issued on the Starship Modeler Discussion Forums: to build a model, in whole or in part, using a beverage (or similar) container. Beer cans were the preferred material, but any beverage container would work. The container could be used in any fashion - whole, cut up, squashed, folded, spindled or otherwise mutilated. All that was required otherwise was to include at least one construction picture showing where the container was used.

The results are shown below.

The challenge is still open - if only because my own entry is still in progress! If you'd like to add your own entry, feel free to eMail me for inclusion here.

--- John Lester

[click to enlarge]

^ Assembled model

Image: Operator in cramped cabin

Image: The figures are from Hasegawa's 'US Ground Crew' set A

Image: Props and the power plant - behind the rudder, 2 AAA batteries.

Image: Top view, powerplant exposed

Image: Composite image. Clockwise, from left: Coors can filled with foam, operating hand unit, technician in rear of cabin, scratchbuilt seats - which can swivel, and control panel with joy stick control and a lap top.

Deep Sea Research Sub Flipper by Karl 'starman' Machtanz

I built a deep sea research sub "Flipper" with a two man crew. It's 1:48 scale and the sub is 15 1/2" long with the arms retracted. There are two arms: one with poseable fingers which can extend a little way from the sub, the other a claw-type like the loader had from Aliens 2, which works. Also there are six LED's as work lights. Four are mounted on the top of the sub, the other two are on two seperate booms. Located at the front are three cameras that can pan from left to right and also aim up or down. There are two working diving planes and a rear rudder that works as well. Enclosed in the rear are two props (non working). Located between them is an enclosed battery box with 2 AAA batteries. There is a cover to hide the batteries in the form of an electrical panel.

This was a challenging project as I have never scratch built anything like this. I still have to paint some things and add decals, as the only bought items were the LEDs, the propellers and oh yeah....the beer.

[Click to enlarge]

^ Ugly and deadly

Image: Front view

Image: Left/rear

Image: Starboard side

Curtiss/Avro Mk 31 Banshee by Clyde 'En'til'Zog' Jones

My entry into the "Beer Can" challenge. It's not from a beer can - it uses Vitamin bottles. Well, the vitamins are Human Consumable so maybe... The vitamin bottles are evident as the engines. Sorry I don't have an 'in progress' picture, but once pointed out, the similarities are obvious.


Consider it a Curtiss/Avro Mk 31 VTOL assault vehicle. It has limited troop carrying capacity, which space is often taken up by the extra ordnance load. The engines are high bypass turbofans. While it takes a certain finesse to fly, it makes for a devastating attack vehicle with it's vulcan cannon and high speed grenade launcher. Add a state of the art (Wisconsin?) sensor suite and you have one ugly but deadly Lady.

VAB-2 by Duane 'dekesdragon' King

This rocket is made from a Foster's beer can and an energy drink can. Image: Raw materials

Image: Looking down

Image: Bottom's up!

Image: Landing supports

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