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P- Kit Preview (Quality & Accuracy)
B- Build-up Review (Minor Modifications & Improvements)

M- Super-detailing, Extensive Modification/ Conversions & Lighting
S- Scratchbuilding/ Major Kitbashing

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[Technical Library - How-To Section]


Basic Construction
- Cutting Sheet Styrene
- Building & Painting Resin Models
- Building & Painting Vinyl Models
- Paper Model Assembly Tips and Techniques
- Removing Chrome
- Working with Photoetched Parts
- Working with Clear Parts
- Filling Seams with CA & Baking Soda
Painting Engraved Detail
- Using Reaper's Acrylics
- Painting Small Scale Figures
- Painting With Oils
- Silly Putty Masks
- A Modeler's Guide to Painting the Enterprise-A
- Masking With Parafilm
- Tamiya Spray Paints

- Weathering 101
- Battle Damage
- Tamiya/Gunze Weathering Sets

- Scratchbuilding 101
- Scratchbuilding Demystified
Print, Cut, Glue
- Scratchbuilding with Cardboard
- Vacuforming 101
- Molds & Casting For Beginners
- Using Epoxy Putty to Duplicate or Convert Parts
- Hollow Casting with Resin
- Make Your Own Photoetched Details
- Sculpting Female Figures
- Sculpting Figures Demo
- Scratchbuilding with Pro-Mat
- Scratchbuilding with Resin
- Software to Model
- Super Stonework Bases

Lighting & Electronics
- Wireless Illumination
- Working with LEDs: A Primer
- Lighting Effects with LEDs
- Inexpensive and Abundant LEDs
- MadMan Lighting's Deluxe 8 LED/Fiber Optic Lighting Kit
- MadMan Lighting's Starship Lighting LED/Fiber Optic Lighting Kit

- Photography for Modelers
- Photography: Build a Set for Photographing Models

- Digital Cameras: A Primer

* Reference Library
* Tips, Tricks & Techniques


* Babylon 5 Starship Reference
* Starfury Reference Pages
* Starship Troopers Studio Models
* Star Wars Hardware Reference
* Gerry Anderson's UFO Studio Models
* Space:1999 Spacecraft Reference
* Star Trek Movie Starship Reference
* Star Trek:DS9 Starship Reference
* Star Trek: Voyager Starship Reference
* Voyager Painting Guide
* 2001 Reference
* Other Sci-Fi Vehicles Reference

* Real-World Weathering Examples


* Model Design & Blueprinting Handbook Review
* Airbrushing And Finishing Scale Models Review
* Air Combat Manoeuvres Review
* Aurora Model Kits
* Base-ics Model Bases
* Skystreak, Skyrocket, & Stiletto
* British Secret Projects- Hypersonics, Ramjets & Missiles
* Soviet Secret Projects:Bombers Since 1945
* Antonov's Heavy Transports
* Valkyrie: North American's Mach 3 Superbomber
* Circle Scribe Cutting and Drawing System
* Hypersonic: X-15 Story
* X-Plane Photo Scrapbook
* X-Plane Crashes
* Return to Flight: Space Shuttle Discovery
* NV99 - Space Shuttle System 1975-2004
* SIM #3 - Space Shuttle
* SIM #6: Apollo CSM
* SIM #7: Apollo LM
* Ultimate Guide to J2
* Where No Modeler Has Gone Before
* How to Build: Wilco! Models' Prop Replicas
* MicroFormat Inkjet Decal System
* J-BOT Decals
* Animation Scale Models 4U decals
* Scale Card Measuring Tools
* Scale Spacecraft Modelling
* SpaceShipOne: An Illustrated History * StarFleet Assembly Manuals
* How to Build Sci-Fi Models
* MA.K Chronicle & Encyclopedia (Vol. 1)M
* USAF Jet Fighter Prototypes Scrapbook
* GUNSHIPS: The Story of Spooky, Shadow, Stinger and Spectre.
* APOLLO 11 MOON LANDING: Retrospective
* Servicing The Hubble Space Telescope (2009)
NEW! * Jackill's Data Sheets (Federation Movie-Era)


* Download 1/2500 Enterprise Decals
* Download Babylon 5 Station Decals
* Paper Model of Borg Cube
* Raumpatrouille ORION Paper Model
* TRON recognizer Paper Model
* Download Movie Enterprise Aztec Template
* 1/1400 Enterprise Aztec Templates
* Download Paint Cross Reference Database
* Download Scale Calulation Program
* Download Various Trek Model Decal Art files


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* Star Wars Scale List

[Star Trek Modeling]

--- REVIEWS ---

B- AMT/ERTL Original 3 Space Ship Set Review
B- ERTL Ambassador-class
B- Another Ambassador-class
B- Cardassian Galor
B- Cardassian Scout
B- SFSM Constellation-class
B- Ravenstar's 1/2500 Cordia-class
B- OS Coventry-class
B- Cheetah Productions Daedalus-class
B- Alliance U.S.S. Dauntless
M- Lighting the Romulan D'deridex-class Warbird
B- DS 9's U.S.S. Defiant
B- U.S.S. Defiant (Spaceboy)
B- Re-tooled U.S.S. Defiant (Spaceboy)
B- Tiny Delta Flyer
B- Bandai's Lighted NX-01 Enterprise
M- Improving Bandai's Lighted NX-01 Enterprise
B- PL's 1/1000 NX-01 Enterprise
B- Classic Enterprise Out of the Box
M-Building ERTL's Enterprise Incident
B- Building Bandai's Enterprise (refit)
B- Another Look at Bandai's Enterprise (refit)
B- Fixing Bandai's Enterprise (refit)
B- Building Polar Lights' 1/350 Enterprise (refit)
M-Building ERTL's Enterprise (refit)
B- Building Starcraft's Enterprise-A
M- Accurizing the Enterprise-A
B- Building Bandai's Enterprise-E
B- Starcrafts U.S.S. Equinox
B- ERTL USS Excelsior
B- USS Excelsior
B- Excelsior/Enterprise-B
M- Federation-class Dreadnought Conversion
B- 1/2500 Federation Dreadnought
B- SSM Kit Factory's Detroyat-class Heavy Destroyer
B- VA Miniatures' Jenghiz-Class
B- Kazon Torpedo
M-Lighting ERTL's Klingon Bird of Prey
B- Classic Klingon Battle Cruiser Out of the Box
B- PL Klingon Battle Cruiser as Romulan Stormbird
B- Ravenstar Klingon K'Tinga Cruiser Review
B- Klingon K't'inga
B- Odyessey Slipways' Klingon D-4 Predator Review
B- Ravenstar Klingon D-18 Frigate Review
M- Convert Skyhook's Future Klingon Warship to Negh'Var
S-Scratchbuilt Klingon Scout
B- ERTL Klingon Vor'Cha Review
B- SSM Kit Factory Loknar Review
B- Geo Locutus of Borg Review
S- Manta Battlecruiser
M- Maquis Ship
B- FXM 1:2500 Nebula
B- WARP's Nebula class Review
M- Ptolemy-class Tug Kitbash
B- WARP's Nebula class: Another Look
B- Odyssey Slipways' Norway-Class
B- Alliance's NX-01 Shuttlepod
B- Odonata-class Frigate
B- USS Reliant on a Budget
B- 1/2500 Romulan Bird of Prey
B- Classic Romulan Bird of Prey
NEW! - B- 1/2500 Romulan Nova Z-1
M- Detailed & Lighted Runabout
B- Species 8472 Bioship
B- 1/2500 Sabre-class
B- PL Romulan Scorpion Fighter
B- Scout/Destroyer
B- Ravenstar Scout-class Review
M- Classic Shuttle Diorama
NEW! - B- Probert Designs' Standard Shuttlecraft
M- StarFleet One Conversion
M- USS Violator Conversion
B- ERTL Vulcan Shuttle Review
B- SFSM Soyuz-class
B - Romulan Warbird
B- 1/2500 Klingon Warlock
M- USS Voyager Built
B- Bandai's USS Voyager
B- Odyseey Slipways' Winged Defender
B- Federation's Workbee Review



Polar Lights' NX-01 Enterprise
Sci-Clone's IN-EX Experimental Warp 5 Ship
1/2500 NX-01
Corgi's 40th Anniversary TOS Enterprise
Polar Lights' TOS Enterprise
Starcraft's TOS Enterprise
Starcraft's TOS Enterprise - Another Look
Northstar's refit Enterprise/Enterprise-A
Polar Lights' USS Enterprise (refit) In The Box
Polar Lights' 1/1000 USS Enterprise (refit) Sneak Peek
Polar Lights' USS Enterprise (refit) First Look
Starcraft's Enterprise-A
Starcraft's Enterprise-B/Excelsior Refit
ERTL Enterprise-C
Alliance Enterprise-E
ERTL Enterprise-E

McDaniels' Achernar-Class Heavy Cruiser
Starcraft's Akira
Jupiter Station 1/2500 Akira
NEW! - Odyssey Slipways' 1/2500 Akira
Ravenstar's 1/2500 Archer-class
Gizmotron's 1/2500 Ascension-class
PNT's Avenger and Indomitable Starships
Alliance's Belknap-class Conversion
Gizmotron's 1/2500 Belknap-class
Ravenstar Border Cutters
Nova Hobbies' Breen Attack Cruiser
Starcrafts' Cheyenne-class
Victory Model's 1/1000 U.S.S. Centaur
Gizmotron Model's 1/2500 U.S.S. Centaur
RBM's 1/2500 Chandley-class
TM Lindsey's Constellation-class
Enterprise-E's Captain's Yacht
Alliance's Danube-Class
Alliance U.S.S. Dauntless
U.S.S. Defiant (Spaceboy)
SSM Kit Factory Loknar Preview
1/2500 Delta Quadrant Cardassian Galor
Resin Ranger's Galileo
Nova Hobbies' Gallant-class
Ravenstar's Guardian-class
Starship Modeler's Heavy Destroyer-class
WARP Jem'Hadar Ship
Starcrafts' Jem Hadar Cruiser
Gizmotron Model's 1/2500 U.S.S. Kelvin
VA Miniatures' Klingon Battlecruiser
Gizmotron's 1/2500 Early Bird of Prey (Enterprise)
Gizmotron's 1/2500 Movie Bird of Prey
Gizmotron's 1/1000 Klingon Bird of Prey
Klingon Bird of Prey Positionable Wing Hinge Resin Accessory Kit
Polar Lights' Klingon D-7
Starship Modeler's Larson-class
WARP's Nebula-class Conversion
ASK Models Norway-Class
Nova Hobbies' Norway-Class
Alliance's Peregrine Fighter
Starcraft's Prometheus-Class
Starcraft's Oberth & Corvette
Odyssey Slipways' Raven class
Nova Hobbies' Regula1 Station
Starcrafts' 22nd Century Romulan BoP
Gizmotron's 1/2500 TOS Romulan Bird of Prey
Federation's Romulan Scout
Starcraft's Reliant
Starcraft's Saber-Class
Alliance's Saratoga-Class Conversion
VA Miniatures' 1/537 Saucer Mounted Shuttlebay
Probert Designs' Standard Shuttlecraft
Starcraft's Steamrunner-Class
VA MIniature's Stingray Classes
Nova Hobbies' Surak-class Starship
McDaniels' Surya-class Frigate
Cozmo Shipyards' Three (Pre-TOS) Adversaries
Furata Trading Kits
Alliance's Delta Flyer
Alliance's Type 6 Shuttle
Resin Ranger's Type 9 "Speedboat" Shuttle
TM Lindsey's Sydney & Olympic classes
Ravenstar 1/1400 Valdore
Ravenstar Valiant-class
R/M Voyager
R/M ' Mini' Voyager
Alliance Intrepid-Class Starship
Vulcan Lander
NEW! - Vulcan Surak-Class Starship
Odyssey Slipways' Winged Defender


P- Classic 23rd Century Pistol Preview
P- Starcraft's All Good Things Conversion Preview
P- MMI's Star Fleet Detail Sets Preview
P - NorthTrek's Accurate Defiant Bridge Cap
P- Federation Models' Galaxy-Class Shuttlebay
B- Galaxy-Class Shuttlebay Installed
P- Federation Models' Galaxy-Class Warp Nacelles
P- PNT Refit/1701-A Photoetched Details
P- Voyager's Small Craft

[Star Wars Modeling]

--- REVIEWS ---

M- (Re)Building ERTL's AT-AT
NEW! - M- Modifying Revell's AT-AT
B-Revell's AT-AT
M- (Re)Building ERTL's AT-ST
B-Modified AT-ST
B- A-Wing Build Up
B- Another A-Wing Build Up
B- Accurate A-Wing
B- Battle Droid Build Up
M- (Re)Building Boba Fett
B- 1/6 Vinyl Boba Fett Build-up
S - Scratchbuilt B-Wing
B- Blue Moon's Cruciform Fighter
S- Death Star Tower Diorama
S - FR-17 Headhunter
B- Gungan Sub
B- Fine Molds' Jedi Starfighter
B- Fine Molds' Jedi Starfighter
B- Revell Jedi Starfighter
B- Revell Jedi Starfighter Part 2
B- Revell's Lambda-class Shuttle
M- Rebuilt Millennium Falcon and Rebel Transport
M- Detailed Millennium Falcon
M- ERTL Millennium Falcon as YT-1300
M- Accurized Ertl Millennium Falcon
S - Accurized Falcon Seats
S- Scratchbuilt Mon Calamari Cruiser
B- Probe Droid Build Up
B- Naboo Starfighter Build Up
B-Modified R2-D2
S- R2-D2 Cooler
B- ERTL Slave 1 Build Up
M- ERTL Slave 1 Build Up
B- Fine Molds' Slave 1 Build Up
B- Fine Molds' Slave 1 (Boba Fett Version)
M- A Deadly Trio
S- Scratchbuilt TIE Bomber
B- ERTL TIE/Advanced
M- ERTL TIE/Advanced
M- TIE/Advanced Conversion
B- TIE/Interceptor
S - TIE Challenge
S - Uglies Challenge
M- Lighted ESTES Vulture Droid in Walk Mode
B- ERTL ElectronicX-Wing Build-up
M- ERTL ElectronicX-Wing Accurized
B- Fine Molds' X-Wing Build-up
B- Lego "Ultimate"X-Wing Build-up
M- XJ-Class Conversion
M- Two-seat X-Wing
S - Scratchbuilt 1:48 Y-Wing
B- SMT Y-Wing Build-up
B- Blue Moon Wishbone Fighter Build-up
S- 24" Scratchbuilt Y-Wing

M- The Last Mission of Gold Flight


ERTL Anakin's Podracer
Revell ARC-170
SMT Limited Edition B-Wing
Kotobukiya Clone Trooper Painted Kit
ERTL Snap Droid Fighter
ERTL Gungan Sub
Trilance's Hangar Equipment for Rebel Fleet
AMT/ERTL Jedi Starfighter
NEW! - Revell Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter
Odyssey Slipways' Old Republic Heavy Cruiser/ Imperial Dreadnaught Preview
Fine Molds' Jedi Starfighter
Hasbro Jedi Starfighter
Fine Molds' Millennium Falcon
Revell's Pre-Finished Millennium Falcon
ERTL Snap Naboo Fighter
ERTL Rancor
Studio StarForge's Rebel Pilots
Revell Republic Gunship (Clone Wars)
Revell Republic Gunship (MiniKit)
Revell Republic Star Destroyer
Fantastic Plastic's Royal Starship
CED Sith Infiltrator
Fine Molds' Slave1
MPC/ERTL Imperial Star Destroyer
SMT's TIE/Avenger
Backlot's TIE/Bomber
SMT's TIE/Bomber
Fourth Axis' TIE/Crawler
Fine Molds' TIE/Interceptor
Scale Solutions' VY-666-HT (Hound's Tooth)
Fine Molds' X-Wing
Fine Molds' Y-Wing
New Tool SMT Y-Wing
SMT Y-Wing
Zarkus Models' Z-95 Headhunter


Millennium Falcon Accurizing Kits
Millennium Falcon Gun Wells
Graphic Encounters Canopy Masks
Odyssey Slipways' Star Destroyer
Replacement Parts:
Complete Engine Kit Preview

Odyssey Slipways' Star Destroyer Detail Sets Preview

[Babylon 5 Modeling]

--- REVIEWS ---

B- AoG Miniatures
S- Atmospheric Shuttle
S- Babylon 5 Station
S- EAS Lexington
S - Hyperion-class Cruiser
S- Maintenance Tug
S- Narn Fighter
M- Advanced Omega-class
S- Omega-class Destroyer
S- Omega-class Destroyer
M- Customized Omega-class
B- Shadow BattleCrab
B- Shadow Fighters
B- More Shadow Fighters
B- Shadow Battle Fleet
S- Shadow Vessel
S- Scratchbuilt Starfury
B- Building a Better Starfury
S - Vorchan-Cruiser
B- Anubis Whitestar
B- SpaceMam Whitestar


IFactory's Advanced Technology Cruiser
R/M's B5 Station
Controlled Energy Design's Bonehead Fighter
Planet V's Kestrel Atmosphereic Shuttle
Warp's Agammemnon/Omega Class
Gizmotron's 1/2500 Whitestar


B- Starship Modeler Starfury Accessories

[2001 & 2010 Modeling]

--- REVIEWS ---

S - Restoring an AE-35 Vignette
B- Building Lunar's Discovery
S- Poor Man's Discovery II
B- DeConstructing Aurora's Moonbus
B- ReConstructing Aurora's Orion III
B- Building Airfix's Orion III
B- Building Stargazer Models' Orion III Spaceplane
B- Building Wilco! Models' Pan Am Clipper


Planet Aries 1B Cockpit
CC/Atomic City Aries 1B
NEW! - Stargazer's 1/144 Aries 1B
Comet Discovery
Lunar Discovery
Timeslip Creations' Discovery
EVA Models' 2001 Discovery Astronaut
Wilco!'s HAL-9000
Planet X's Leonov
Atomic City's One-Man Pod
Collect-Aire's One-Man Pod
Airfix Orion Spacecraft
PH Solutions' Orion Space Clipper
Wilco! Models' Pan Am Clipper
4th Axis Ornament Preview
Comet Moonbus
Planet X Moonbus

[Mecha Modeling - Gundam, Macross & Much, Much More]

--- REVIEWS ---

B - Superdetailing Armorcast's Madcat
M - Hellion Production's 1/60 Dictator CAV
B - Lighted Dorvack PA-58N
B - Evangelion
B- Heavy Gear Kodiak
B- Gaplant Mobile Suit
B - Gasaraki Raiden
B - Gundam Seed MG Aile Striker
B - Gundam Seed HG Duel Gundam
B - Gundam Seed HG Freedom Gundam
B - Gundam Hygog Diorama
B - Gundam Ascculapius
B - Gundam Deathscythe
B - Gundam MG FAZZ
B - Gundam HGUC MS-14F Gelgoog Marine
B - Gundam MG Gato's Gelgoog
B - Gundam Seed Red Frame Astray
B - Gundam Perfect Grade RX-178 Mk II
B - Gundam HG Serpent Custom
NEW! - B - MG Strike Gundam
B - G-Gundam MG Spiegel
B - Gundam Seed HG Sword Strike
S - Gundam: M.S. Memoir
S - Gundam: Zaku- Epilogue

B- CEA-01 Syreen Exo-Armor
B - Fusion Pathfinder

M - Accurizing Imai's Mospeada Alpha
B - Revell Robotech Defenders' Exaxes
B - MG Patlabor Griffon Aqua-type

S - Scratchbuilt "Nut"
B - SF3D S.A.F.S. Fireball
B - SF3D/MAK 3000 Gustav
B - Nitto SF3D Krote
M - Legioss: Desert Custom
B - Dorvack PA-36HD-R2 Powered Armor Nove Laser
B - SF3D/MAK 3000 Nutrocker
M - RoboGear T-Rex

NEW! - B - Wave's SAFS Type II Snake Eye
B -Hasegawa Macross 0 SV-51
B - Hasegawa VF-1D
B - Resin VF-4 Lightning
S - Scratchbuilt Uziel Battlemech
B- VOTOMS Watchdog Conversion
B - Hasegawa Macross VF-0S
B - Hasegawa VF-1D
B - Launch Vehicle and Pylon


Gundam Seed Red Frame Astray
Yellow Submarine's Assault Suits Valken 2
Armorcast Atlas Preview
BanDai Aura Battler Zwarth
HG ATM-09-GC Brutishdog Preview
BanDai HG Buster Gundam
Revell Robotech Defenders' Exaxes
PG Gundam Exia
Gundam Seed Destiny Destiny Gundam
Hellbringer Battlemech
BanDai Patlabor MG Ingram Preview
Armorcast Madcat Preview
MG Gundam Rb-79Ka/K Balls
M-Factory SF-3A Lancer 2
Hasegawa Macross SV-51
Hasegawa Macross VF-0B
Hasegawa Macross VF-0S
Hasegawa Macross VF-1A
Bandai Macross VF-1D
Hasegawa Clear VF-1A
Valkyrie Weapons Set
VF-1 Atmospheric Booster
Hasegawa 1/72 Macross YF-19
NEW! - Hasegawa 1/48 Macross YF-19
Club-M Macross YF-21
Hasegawa Macross YF-21
Honneamise Macross QF-3000 Ghost
Gasaraki Raiden Preview
Sharkit's Rob Troopers
Bandai's 1/20 Scopedog Metal Spec Version
MG Zaku-I MS-05B Ramba Ral's Custom


NEW! - Studio Starforge's UN SPACY Pilots

[Robots & Vehicles Modeling]

--- REVIEWS ---

B - Battle Droid Build-Up

M- Superdetailed Colonial Marines APC
B- Colonial Marines APC
M- Lighted GDW Landraider/Crussader
B- Polar Lights BttF DeLorean
M- Black Hole's Maximillian
S- Scratchbuilt Explosives Truck from Joe 90
S- Scratchbuilt Firefly Firefighting Machine
S- Ghostbusters' Proton Packs & Rack
B- Steve Jackson Games' Galahad GEV
B- Ghost in the Shell Fuchikoma
B- Green Hornet's Black Beauty
S- Hover Tank
B- ABC War Robot
B- Jetson's Spaceship
B- TRON Lightcycle
B- LiS (Movie) Robot
B- Lost in Space (TV) Robot
S- Scratchbuilt Maximum Security Vehicle
S- Scratchbuilt Mule from Serenity
B- Nausicaš's Gunship
B- Another Gunship
B- Mowe with Nausicaš
B- SMT's Alpha Laser Defense Tank
M- Space:1999 Laser Tank #2
S - Moonbase Defender
B- Speed Racer's Mach 5
B- GDW's Necron Destroyer
B- Steve Jackson Games' Ogre Mk IV
B- Steve Jackson Games' Ogre Mk VI
B- Polar Lights' Robby the Robot
S- Scratchbuilt Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle
M- Warhammer 40K Tau Winter Encampment
B- ERTL Trade Federation Tank
B- ERTL Trade Federation Tank
M-Battle Damaged Trade Federation Tank
B- Star Wars Speeder Bike In-Flight Display
B- Star Wars Speeder Bike with Custom Base
S-Space Precinct Cruiser
S - Taelon Shuttle


NEW! - Aoshima's Airwolf
SMT's Alpha Laser Defense Tank
Old B.O.B.
Warhammer 40k Baneblade
Polar Lights 1960 DC Comics Batmobile Preview
DreamForge Black Widow Tank Preview
Polar Lights BttF Time Machine Preview
Warhammer Eldar Falcon Grav Tank
DLD DLD Komodo APC & HFS Preview
Polar Lights Mach 5
SAW's Space:1999 Moon Buggy
Steve Jackson's Deluxe Ogre
Bandai YMT-05 Hildolfr
Aoshima Mad Max Interceptor
Planet X Road Warrior Interceptor
Planet X Police Interceptor Preview (Another Look)
Jigabachi AV
WILCO! Proteus
Cyberformula Spiegel HP-022
Cyberformula AOI Orge AN-21
Corgi's Rhino
NEW! - IMAI's Spectrum SST Passenger Jet
ENA's Supercar
ERTL Trade Federation Droid w/ STAP
ERTL Trade Federation Tank
TVC15's Tank Police Bonaparte Kit
Planet V's TRON Game Tank
Forgeworld Warhammer Kits & Accessories


Robbie the Robot Replacement Legs
Altaira Figure for Robbie

[Other Science Fiction & Fantasy Modeling]

--- REVIEWS ---

B- Aliens Dropship
B- Alien Narcissus
B- Halycon Space Jockey

Battlestar Galactica
B- Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider
B- Arvey's Mineral Ship
B- Arvey's Mineral Ship

B- Sci-High's Colonial Viper Mk2

M- Viper Mk2 Vignette

S- Colonial Viper Mk 2

Lost in Space
B- Movie Jupiter 2
B- TV Jupiter 2

B- Wilco!'s Commlock
B- Warp's Eagle Transport
B- Various Space:1999 Eagles
M- Super Detailed Space:1999 Eagles
B- Accurized Eagle
B- Building a 23" Eagle
S- Scratchbuilt Meta Probe

S- Working Eagle Landing Gear

Space Battleship Yamato
B-EDF Andromeda
B- EDF Patrol Cruiser

B- EX Cosmo Zero & Black Tiger

S- Scratchbuilt AGLAZAR Battleship
M- Lighting Pegasus Hobbies' Area 51 UFO
B- ID4 Alien Attacker
B- Aoshima's Airfix's Angel Interceptor
- B- Rebuilding Airfix's Angel Interceptor
B- UNCL's Angel Interceptor
B- Monsters in Motion's Athena
M- Alien Repelling Device
S - Beer Can Challenge
B- Black Hole's Cygnus
S- Building the Black Wind
B- Buck Rogers' Draconian Marauder
B- Buck Rogers Rocketship Conversion
S- Building a Soviet-style Rocket for Filming
B- Building Skyhook's C57D
B - Polar Lights' C-57D Starcruiser
S- Luna Corporation Cargo Shuttle
B- Stargate Death Glider
B- Deeks' Evil Emperor's Rocketship
B- E.V.E. (Exploration Vessel of Earth)
B- Stargate F-302A
B- Larson Designs' Firefly
B- Galactic Cruiser Mk I
B- Legend of Galactic Heroes' Imperial Wilhermina
B- SR-43 Hammerhead
M- Building and Lighting The Hunt Diorama
B- Sharkit's Jet Speeder Bike
B- Tskuda's Laputa Flaptter
B- Glencoe Marsliner
S- USS Mean Joe Greene
M- Building and Lighting the Necron Monolith
B- Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol
B- Retriever Rocket
B- Revell Sandworm from Dune
B - MiM Movie Seaview
B - Polar Lights' Seaview
B- Space:1999 Laser
B- Revell Sänger Space Plane
B- Skyhook Mini-Dioramas
M- Project Slave 10
B- SMKF's FS-21B Shrike/Shologar-B
M- Ultimate Spindrift
B- MiM's Ultimate Starfighter
B- Cowboy BeBop Swordfish
B- Red Dwarf's Starbug
B- Building the GPI TAC Fighter
S- UFO Moon Mobile
B- Mini Model Madness' Valey Forge
B- Homeworld Vanaar Jet (Paper)
B- TM Lindsey's Vistor Fighter
NEW! - B- When the Future was Black and White Vignettes
B- SG:A Wraith Dart
Original Designs
M- Kitbashed Kaitos Spaceboat
S- Assault Lander
S- Escort Fighter
S Lycan Scout & Destroyer
S Lycan Station
S- USS Mind's Eye
S- Star Freighter
S- Ranger
S- Skimmer


Pegasus Hobbies' Area 51 UFO
Polar Lights' Batplane
Alliance's Battlestar Galactica
Monogram's Battlestar Galactica Hasbro's Battlestar Galactica Diecasts
Aoshima's Black Ryvius
Alex Creations' Blue Arcadia
SMT's Bubblefighter
Polar Lights' C-57D Starcruiser
Moebius Model's Chariot
SciFi Models' Colonial Viper
Revell's Cylon Basestar Preview
NEW! - Moebius Colonial Viper Mk2

Sci-High's Colonial Viper Mk7

Sci-High's Colonial Viper Mk7: Another Look
Miscellaneous Models' Cylon Raider Maquette
Howling Wolf's Cylon Raider
Sci-Fi Models' 1/48 Cylon Raider
Media Collectibles' Dalek Mk 2
Hasegawa's Pkf 85 falke
SciFi Models' Farscape 1
Stargazer Models' Firefly-class Starship
Alliance's Earth Directorate Starfighter
Polar Lights' Ecto 1
Black Sun X/F-302A
Revell Space Jet Glador
TM Lindsey Gunstar
SMT's 1/48 Hammerhead
Three Hawk Mk9 kits
Warp's 1/72 Hawk Mk9
Fantastic Plastic's Rocketship Galileo
Retrokit Martian Tripod
Comet's Nautilus
SMT's Patrol Ship
Revell DE's Perry Rhodan Marco Polo
Skyhook Planet Express Preview
Starcrafts' NSEA Protector
Pegasus Hobbies' NSEA Protector
NEW! - Pegasus Hobbies' Ion Nebulizer & Vox Communicator
Revell Cylon Raider
BanDai's Cowboy BeBop Redtail
TimeSlip's Rising Star
Moebius Model's Space Pod
Paragrafix PE Enhancements for Moebius' Space Pod
Sharkits' Rocketor/Fliegende Sturmtruppe
Hoto Models' Starship Carrier/Rodger Young
IFactory's Galactic Intruder/Rodger Young
Monsters in Motion's Athena
Herb Deeks' Rocketship
WARP's Space:1999 Eagle
Monsters in Motion's Seaview (TV)
Moebius Model's Seaview (TV)
Polar Lights' Seaview
AIMs' Sentry Laser Pistol
Airfix's Shaun the Sheep w/ Landrover
TimeSlip's Space Park/Ring Ship
Polar Lights' Spindrift
Replicas Unlimited's Space:1999 Eagle
Alex Creation's Space Wolf (2d Ed)
Lindberg Starprobe
BanDai Cowboy Bebop Swordfish II
BanDai's Supersylph Yukikaze
Skyhook's The Day The Earth Stood Still
Masterpiece Models' Time Machine
Aoshima 1/144 Thunderbird 1
Konami's Trading Kits
Forge World's Valkyrie
Revell Colonial Viper
Moebius The Voyager
Fantastic Plastic's V-47 Warlock
NEW! - TimeSlip's Viper Mk7E
Comet's Martian War Machine
Bandai 1/500 Space Battleship Yamato

Academy's Starcrafts Zerg & Terran Marine


P- Jovian Chronicles Books, Miniatures & Plans
P- TimeSlip Creations' BSG Upgrade Set
P- TimeSlip Creations' Cylon Basestar Upgrade Set
P- Viper Detail Sets
P- MMI Colonial Viper Landing Gear
P- MMI Scarlet Viper Conversion
B- Using the MMI Colonial Viper Detail Sets
P- Moonbase Viper Rear Engine Detail
P- Small Artworks' Eagle Lab Pod
P- Small Artworks' 22"/23" Eagle Lab Pod
P- Small Artworks' Eagle Authentication Kit
P- Eagle Decal and HL Booster
P- Eagle Booster Comparative Preview
P- Scale Solutions' Rocket Motor SBS #1 Preview
B- Rebellion's Seaview Conversion
P- Spindrift Passenger Compartment Upgrade
P- Wave Option System Preview
P- Zoids Customize Parts Preview

[Factual Space & X-Craft]

--- REVIEWS ---

B- Heller Ariane 5 Build-up
B- RealSpace 1/144 Apollo Conversion
S - Chandra Observatory
B- RealSpace Mercury Redstone
B- Delta 7 Studio's Friendship 7
B- IMRCo 1/144 International Space Station
B- Takara 1/700 International Space Station
B- New Ware's Juno 1
B- Cutting Edge's Luna 1/2/3 & R-7 Booster
B- - Cutting Edge's Pegasus Launch Vehicle
B- Airfix Saturn 1B
B- Aoshima 4d Space Shuttle
B- Blap Models' Silver Dart
B- Currell Graphics' SpaceShipOne (card model)
B- Apex Carrier Rocket Sputnik
B- - Cutting Edge's Vostok & R-7 Booster
B- Muroc Models X-38


Heller Ariane 5
RealSpace Model's 1/48 Apollo CSM
Fantastic Plastic's 1/72 NASA CEV
Trumpeter's Chinese Spacecraft
Revell Gemini
RealSpace 1/48 Gemini Accurizing Set
IMRCo's ISS Flight 2A
RealSpace's ISS Detail Set
Cutting Edge Luna 1/2/3 & R-7 Booster
EVA's Lunar Rover
RealSpace Mercury, Gemini, Apollo
Revell Mercury Redstone
Attic Aircraft Mercury-Redstone & Gemini-Titan Launch Vehicles
Atomic City Project: Mercury
New Ware's NOTS Rocket
Gus Grissom Commemorative
Start Proton-K
Heller Soyuz/Progress
Cutting Edge Shuttle Upgrades
Revell Space Station Alpha/ISS
New Ware's Lockheed Starclipper
Cutting Edge's Vostok & R-7 Booster
RealSpace Voskhod 2
RealSpace Voyager
R-M X-15
Collect-Aire X-24B


P- RealSpace Space Shuttle Engines
Little Joe: Mercury's First Steps DVD

[Figure & Creature Modeling]

--- REVIEWS ---

Factual Space Figures
B - EVA Apollo 17 Astronaut Build-up
B- EVA's Alan Shepard
B- EVA's Kevin Yeager
B- EVA Krechet suit Build-up

B- Halycon Alien Warrior with Egg
B- Lunar Models' Astronaut & Ape Vignette
M- Adam West is the Batman
B- EVA Models' 2001 Astronaut & HAL Vignette
NEW! - M- Aurora Batman
B- Building the Drej Alien
B- Dr Who: Welcome Aboard
B- Painting Indiana Jones
M- - Laser Elmo
B- Nausicaš with Kai
B- Omu with Nausicaš
B- LotG Snake Scene
B- Phebus Space Legion
M- Tomb Raider
B- Trading Figures
B- Wallace & Gromit Motorbike


Nut Hut Productions' Aayla Secura
Solarwind's Commander Katoc Figure
Improving the Creature from the Black Lagoon
MMI Standing Female Viper Pilot
Bizzarre Creations' Dr. Doom
Polar Lights' Dr. Smith & Robot
Polar Lights' Drej Alien
Janus Co. MST3K: The Model Kit
Airfix Multipose Figures
BenchComix' Sara Nome
Sky Armor Suit
EVA Models' Starship Trooper Figure
5th Sense's Vasquez with Smartgun

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