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Starship Modeler is the complete information resource for the science fiction, factual space, fantasy, mecha and anime scale model builder.

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  • HOBBY NEWS - Latest information on upcoming kits, resources, detail sets, references, and other spacecraft related stuff
  • NEW IN THE STORE - Moebius Chariot, Odyssey Slipways, Viper Launch Rail, Moebius Space Pod, SF&FM Vol 10, Modelling the 21st Century plus much more!
  • PIMP MY RIDE CONTEST - Our 16th on-line scale model contest is in the final heats!
  • ON-LINE BUILD - A variety of step-by-step model building projects in a daily journal format.
  • STARSHIP MODELER STORE - Buy model kits and accessories and help support the site.
  • WHERE TO BUY STUFF - Where to buy kits and accessories available in the sci-fi and space scale model market, and how to contact manufacturers.
  • TRADING POST - Find that hard-to-find kit, detail set, or tool ... or put that kit collecting dust in your closet into the hands of someone who'll build it.
  • WILL BUILD FOR OTHERS - Find people who will build a model for you - or list your name for others to find.

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  • DISCUSSION FORUMS - Got a question? Opinion? Modeling tip? Dial up the frequency for our discussion forum and talk to modelers on your wavelength.
  • READER GALLERY - A collection of models built by you, the readers, to inspire and amaze.
  • MODEL IN A MONTH - Take our challenge and get building!
  • CLUB DIRECTORY - Meet up with others in your area who share your interests.
  • MODELING EVENTS - Contests and conventions of interest to scale modelers.
  • ON THE BENCH - See what fellow modelers are working on.

  • TECH LIBRARY - Informational articles, features, tips and techniques on a variety of SF modeling subjects.
  • HARDWARE REFERENCES - Images and other information detailing "actual" vehicles we model - be they studio models, CGI or real spacecraft.
  • REFERENCE LIBRARY - A listing of books and other reference material for the imaginitive scale modeler.
  • INSTRUCTIONS LIBRARY - Complete instructions for many kits.
  • READER REVIEWS - Read what others thought of a particular model.
  • LINKS - Library of links to sites around the web of interest to sci-fi and space scale modelers.
  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Look here for answers to the basic scale modeling questions.
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