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Build Our Logo Contest

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Have you ever wanted to build the ship in the Starship Modeler logo? Well, here's your chance to do so - and have it be the master for a line of kits!

We are looking to produce a kit of the logo ship (right), sales of which will be used to support the site. To that end, we're holding a design contest, open to any and all readers. The requirements are simple (Complete rules are listed below):

  • the model must present the same silhouette as the logo artwork;
  • the master must be engineered in such a way it can be readily cast, and;
  • Starship Modeler staff must see the model in person.
  • [Click to get the big one]

    ^Click the image to download a larger image at 150 ppi.

    The deadline for this contest WAS 7 July, 2002. (While the contest is officially over now and all pizes awarded, if you're interested in participating anyway, please drop us a line.)

    Contest Entries

    [Entry 1]

    Entry 1

    Builder: Jeffrey Pollizzotto

    Length: 15"/38.1 cm Width: 9½"/ 24.1 cm Height: 3"/ 7.6 cm
    No name or scale given

    Made from various materials and vacuformed styrene, with styrene details. 9 pieces

    Image: Top/front view

    Image: Bottom/front view

    Image: Bottom/rear view


    [Click to enlarge]

    Entry 4

    Builder: Marcelo G. Leal

    1:144 scale. Length: 8"/ 20.3 cm Width: 6"/ 15.2 cm Height: 1½"/ 3.8 cm
    Dear Deedee Passenger/Cargo Shuttle

    Made from Resin (body made with a 3 part mold: Top/Bottom/Rear Nozzle). 2 pieces

    Image: Underneath

    Image: Top/rear view

    Image: Starboard-side profile

    [Click to enlarge]

    Entry 3

    Builder: Scott Spicer

    Length: 12½"/31.8 cm Width: 3¾"/ 9.5 cm Height: 3¾"/ 9.5 cm
    Fast Frigate (Mon Calimari cruiser size)

    Made from machined urethane block, ABS and wood with styrene detailing. 9 pieces

    Image: Top view

    Image: Port side

    Image: Starboard side

    Image: Top/rear view

    Image: Detail on rear

    Image: Front/right perspective

    [Click to enlarge]

    Entry 2

    Builder: David Bahler

    Length: 14"/35.6 cm Width: 9½"/ 24.1 cm Height: 4"/ 10.2 cm
    USS Valkyry

    Made from insulation foam with other materials for detailing. 2 pieces

    Image: Starboard side

    Image: Top view

    Image: Engraved detail on rear

    Image: Front view

    Contest Rules

    1. The model must duplicate the silhouette seen in the logo artwork when seen from either side, the top, or the bottom. It may have any 3D shape, as long as seen from one side (or top/bottom) it presents the same profile as is in the logo.
    2. The model may be any size smaller than 15"/ 38cm from the tip of the "nose" to the ends of the "engine exhausts". It may be any width less than 15"/ 38cm. The goal is to make the kit affordable, so nothing bigger than those dimensions.
    3. The model may be made of any material, as long as it is compatible with being molded (for example, a model made from tissue paper would NOT hold up when the rubber was poured around it, so no tissue paper models!).
    4. The model may be painted, but should have no decals or other surface markings.
    5. The model must be ready to be molded, either as one entire piece or as a series of sub-assemblies. It may consist of as many or as few parts as is necessary to build up the final shape. Entrants may elect to provide an assembled, finished copy (as long as it meets all other requirements) in addition to the master parts, or to provide the master with details on how to temporarily assemble it for photography and display.
    6. Starship Modeler staff must physically see the model to decide which one will become the master for the kits. It may be shipped to our office, or delivered in person at any model event we attend (up through Wonderfest 2002). If shipped, please provide sufficient funds for return postage, in the event your model is not chosen for production.
    7. Starship Modeler staff will photograph each entry and post them on this page. Readers will be invited to vote on which model should become the kit. Starship Modeler staff, however, will have the final, binding decision in the event of ties or no clear winner in the voting (i.e., if two entries receive within 5% of the same number of votes, we'll pick the winner).
    8. Starship Modeler reserves the right to chose more than one model for production. If more than one is chosen, each modeler will receive the same prize package.
    9. The deadline for entries is 7 July, 2002.
    10. Readers will be able to vote for their favorite models for two weeks after the contest ends. A winner will be announced with the following update.
    11. Please address all questions or concerns by eMail to Starship Modeler staff.

    Good Luck!

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