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Here it is - your opportunity to express your opinion on a kit we've reviewed (or previewed). It's simple - just fill out the following form and click "Submit", and soon the whole world can read your thoughts on a particular model. Please Note: This form only works when you click on an "Add Your Own Review" link at the bottom of a particular article - which you did, or else you would not be seeing this message.

(You knew there had to be a couple rules, didn't you?)

  • Any kit, accurizing set, or accessory reviewed/previewed on Starship Modeler is fair game for a reader review. Scratchbuilt models are not, for reasons that should be obvious.
  • Be objective - if you think a kit or accessory stinks, explain why!
  • Try to write coherently - we will edit submissions for spelling and grammar as necessary. We won't otherwise change what you say, if it's understandable. If we have questions, we'll eMail you using the address you provide.
  • PLEASE DO NOT WRITE IN ALL CAPS! The [Shift] key is there for a reason - please use it as it was intended.
  • We reserve the right to delete posts we feel are inappropriate. Inappropriate posts are those that are full of profanity, rants/grandstanding, or are off-topic. We'll also delete one-liners that say nothing more than "this kit roooolz!", and ANYTHING WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS NO MATTER HOW GOOD, just so you know.

Questions? Comments? Form not working? eMail us!

Kit   Pegasus LV
Manufacturer   Cutting Edge Modelworks
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If you want to include links, set the full URL off with brackets - for example:
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