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SpaceMam Whitestar Review

Spacemam's Whitestar
Image courtesy Steve Sloan.

Brief review courtesy of Steve Sloan - © 1997.

To give you a brief rundown of the kit it comes as 11 resin parts, 12 white-metal parts (6 of these being very well detailed guns), a photocopied instruction sheet and a colour image of the Whitestar.

     I found that, in my limited experience of resin models, the fit was surprisingly good with little or no flash. In fact on some pieces the mould separation lines could not be found at all! All of the parts went together well and only required small (subjective term when dealing with resin!) amounts of Miliput to fill joints. The construction was very basic, although ensuring symmetry between the left and right hand sides while the CA glue set required about four hands.

     Upon finishing the major construction (I left of the guns to be painted later) I turned my hand to the painting. This was a real BEAR! At the time I built this model I did not have an airbrush, and had never even tried one. Instead I used cans of car body paint. I laid down a primer coat followed by a cream/fawn base colour. Once this was dry I misted the model with purple metallic paint. Repeated mistings of base and purple cleared up any areas where I had been too heavy handed with the purple.

Spacemam's Whitestar

     Although this paint job did not give a "true" representation of the organic skin I found it quite pleasing. All that was required to complete the model was to paint and fit the guns, and add some yellow for the engines.

     I purchased the kit from a model store in Edinburgh, Scotland for £60 (about $90 USD).

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