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Contact Starship Modeler

Contact Starship Modeler

Tell us what you think of the site, ask questions, etc. ! We're always open to constructive criticism, and we will answer every e-mail ... except those that are abusive, ugly, or downright nasty (or the ones our provider hides from us because that's what they do, sometimes).

Your feedback does get results. We've built a number of pages (including the Trading Post an Hardware Reference Section) based on reader requests. We're always expanding - so tell us what you want to see.

Got something you want to contribute? Send it in! We'll post your reviews, how-to's, etc. - (edited only as necessary for grammar and spelling). Got digital images - or even decent photos? Send 'em -we are always on the look out for new items in the Gallery, as well as new articles. We also accept hardcopy submissions - shoot us an e-mail about it and we'll coordinate something.

Note: We don't buy, sell, or process submissions here - authors retain the copyright to their material with the understanding that we get first publication rights. If you want $$$ for your stuff ... well, FSM buys articles. We spend our moolah on models and making this site better.

If this is your first time here, please read our Commonly Asked Questions before contacting us. We do want to hear from you - but 75% of the questions we get are answered here.

eMail is the fastest and most reliable way to get in touch with us, but if you prefer alternate means, we can be reached via the following. Someone is usually in the office from 9:00am - 5:00pm Central, Monday - Friday.

Starship Modeler
PO Box 549
Lake Villa, IL 60046

Phone: (224) 372-7428
Fax: (224) 372-7429
eMail: onezero@aol.com

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