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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

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[Scale Solutions]

by Simon Mercs

Scale: 1/65

A static build of the 1/65th scale Monogram Flying Sub hovers the Diorama of an undersea seascape of my own invention. Using some different scale aquarium plants, and the diorama base I use for many of my projects, I got an interesting "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" display. An acrylic/lexan rod assembly minimizes the support's impact on the "hovering" craft effect. From some angles the illusion was quite good. The base was airbrushed with a variety of specific aquatic colors to get that "60's" feel to the tiny set design

Image: In an octopuss' garden....

Image: Starboard side

Image: From above

Image: Front view

Image: Right/front

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