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Mos Eisely Spaceport in the Yellow sands of Tattoine

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[Scale Solutions]

by Kelly Krider

Scale: Micro Machines

With the plans to the Empire's Death Star, Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi look for transport to Alderan in the Cantina run by a wookie. They begin talks with Chewbacca, the first mate on a ship called the Millennium Falcon, which is docked in Docking Bay 94. The crime lord Jabba the Hutt secretly waits for the crew of the Millennium Falcon to return to settle a debt owed to him by Han Solo, captain of the Falcon.

This Diorama is aprox. 48" long 24" tall, and 17" deep. The main structures include the following materials. Dibond, wood, gatorboard, sintra, pint and caulk (stucco walls). The background is a wide format laser print from a custom file I produced in Photoshop. Multiple sources were used to create the background including, but not limited to: Screen grabs from Star Wars, Star Wars: Behind the Magic CD ROM, and actual photos of buildings in Tunisia.

The figures are from a wide variety of places. Micro Machines, spare figures from model kits, and some are custom castings.

The diorama features the following model kits and toys: MPC Millennium Falcon (modified from stock kit). Cantina Model kit x2 (modified from stock kit). Micro Machines Luke's Landspeeder, Lars Landspeeder x2, Ronto, swoop, many left over greeblies from various model kits (X-Wing, tie fighters, B-wings , etc.)

This diorama has been in the works for about 2 years. It is finaly at a point where I can present it.

Image: Closer look at the Falcon

Image: Cantina

Image: Cantina corner

Image: Another look

Image: Back alley

Image: Overhead

Image: In the docking bay

Image: From above

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