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Crash Rescue

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[Scale Solutions]

by Kenton Rusbridge

Scale: 1/144

War! War never changes.

WWIII started for the same reason so many other wars began: land, minerals, and the need for resources. This war was over OIL, black gold.

This scene depicts a pilot trapped and crashed on take off being rescued by the crack crash rescue team and fire fighting foam being deployed to prevent a fire.

The principal tie to the theme are the yellow crash rescue appliances. The appliances are scratch built with the wheels coming from a 1/72 truck, just right for a fire truck. The crashed plane is a 1:144 Lee F-20 tigershark modified to look like technology 50 years from now, heavily influenced by the new BSG. The wings are scratch built and an extra pair of engines are mounted. The runway is hand scored styrene, the grass is painted sand and the water build up slowly with layers of Liquitex gloss gel medium and blue pigments. This was also used for the fire fighting foam, but with white paint. The trees are railway scenery but the fence is scratch built from wire and fine wire mesh.

Image: Overall, from a safe distance

Image: from above

Image: Foam

Image: Fence

Image: Landing lights

Image: Ouch

Image: Waves

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