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Treason, Resistance, and a Yellow Dog Bowl

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[Scale Solutions]

by Ryan Friesen

Scale: 1/35

In this vignette, inspired by scenes from the Battlestar Galactica third season premiere, Felix Gaeta offers water to a dog in a bright yellow bowl. Following the Cylon occupation of New Caprica, Gaeta-a Baltar administration insider-leaked secret Cylon plans to the resistance, led by Col. Tigh and Chief Tyrol. The position of the yellow dog bowl was the signal Tyrol used to communicate with his anonymous source.

I searched for a suitably posed 1/35 scale figure whose clothes could be modified to look like an expensive suit. The match was from a Tamiya set of German ammunition loaders. Next, I found a suitable dog in a set by Andrea Miniatures. The dog bowl was built from a lip balm cap and strip styrene. Finally, I made a base from Durham's Putty and landscape material, and began reshaping and painting the figures to match pictures I found on the web.

Image: Right side

Image: Left side

Image: Right side

Image: Another look

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