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[Scale Solutions]

by Murray Swift

Scale: Not stated

When the ants find the toxic yellow goo seeping from the abandoned drum at a disused research base, they begin to grow. The yellow goo is sweet and they gorge themselves, growing to the size of dogs, then they begin their onslaught on the sleepy coastal town, unaware of a terror that creeps on 6 legs!!

The model is made from several things, and I've made it look like a model, contained on a base, just like a store bought one! The fallen girders are from my nephew's discarded fire engine, the drum from a cheap army set and the 'caution' and 'biohazard' signs are printed off from the net.

The goo is first paris of plaster with 2 tones of yellow paint in it. When dry a 2 part resin was coloured with more paint and dripped on top. I liked this effect as it made the edges look like a sticky goo and made it glisten.

The ants were found in the craft area of a local discount store (only 99 cents each), the are made of some type of wood or paper reconstitution, and have great wire legs for posing.( I just wonder what craft you could do with them!). The stone/paving base is from a Spiderman action figure.

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