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Flying Sub

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[Scale Solutions]

by Simon Mercs

Scale: 1/60

This is the Monogram Flying Sub kit with electronic add-ons to more accurately depict this classic Irwin Allen vehicle. Enhancements include hexagonal floor backlit with Lightsheet, fiber optic strand details in control panels, a fusion core wall with a multi-LED "randomized" pattern display, lighted front search lights, lighted nuclear engines, and fully lighted interior.

The paint scheme is done per reference material of the actual studio prop gathered online. Alterations like the "grid" on engine thrusters were scratchbuilt.

The base is a custom made Lexan "Museum" style bevel-cut version and houses the power supply.

The model is 1/60th Scale and measures 7"/ 178mm accross, 8"/203mm long and stands 10"/ 254mm tall on the base.

Image: Overhead

Image: Engine compartment

Image: Front view

Image: Rear, lighted

Image: Cockpit detail

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