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Tau Hammerhead

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[Scale Solutions]

by Jean-FranÁois Pagť

Scale: Not stated

Iím a Star Wars modeler and last year, a friend convinced me to start playing to Warhammer 40K futuristic game. I choose the Tau army because they look cool and they have nice vehicles and gunships.

This is my Games Workshop Tau Hammerhead tank mounted with an Ion Cannon. I bought this Hammerhead used and primed. I didnít need to strip the paint with brake fluid which was good news. I had to fill some holes and gaps with putty. Unfortunately, I discovered that pin which holds engines on the hull was broken. I bought rare earth disk neodymium magnets, fixed them in the hull and added two metallic plates on the engine. The result is like the original because I still can rotate them. Also, I added a magnet to the gun turret to switch heavy weapons.

Painting this kit was easy because, unlike Star Wars paint schemes, Tau paint scheme is usually clean and shiny.

Image: Rear view

Image: Overhead

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