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Fulvius Baratheon

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Image: Front view

Image: From behind

Image: Right/front

Image: From above


Scale: 54mm

I have painted this figure, slightly modifying an old miniature of a medieval metal soldier in 54 mm., thinking of an adventure for the RPG of Game of Thrones ™, based on the wonderful Fantasy series of George R.R. Martin, full of heraldry and rival aggressive Noble Houses.

The idea was to represent one of the character based on a RPG adventure played together with a group of friends.His name is Fulvius(...) and is a descendant of and old Nobleman from the Baratheon Family, a secondary branch...who was allowed to create his own Noble House, cause of his bravery in battle, but then was given at first only a seemingly barren land to rule over in the far and cold north, surrounded by wooden forests and tormented by a continuous winter climate, just near The Wall, that protects the known world from all the strange creatures, the warlike Wildlings, the fabled and terrible Others and whatever else live outside the civilization...well, not a good place where to set a castle and a land as his own possession and new home, but maybe he will start loving that place little by little.

The colors, after a light primer coat, are acrylics - in some points- and - mainly- oils, plus many and many washes made in various days. The terrain of the base is scratchbuilt.The helmet and the armor have been slightly modified to make the figure appear more aggressive and warlike.The setting of the photos is placed just in the valley outside my window...

In the photos, at times he fiercely show his face outside the helm, like a picture in a frame, while the imposing mountains defining his territory remain in the background, but he more often gaze at the high verdant range and think doubtfully of what horrorible, barbarian people or creature may come down from there at night , the next winter , to put in peril his first castle, Wood Keep.

The Heraldry of the noble knight was based largely on the old designs of some armors of north- European Middle Ages , with a Black stylized Eagle on a Yellow field, reminding the character of the great eagles that flew over the yellow beach of the little village near SunSpear, in the South Continent, where he was born 40 years before, during his parents ' diplomatic assignement in a kingdom abroad.

"So" looking at The Wall, he seems to say "Come on Others or whatever you are! You'll find not only the Night's Watch knights and rangers to guard the magical barrier of ice and rocks, but even the brave Fulvius with his sword and armor will stand on your way whenever you decide to come out of the Myth to invade the rest of the continent and the Seven Kingdoms..."

Well, maybe I've been playing too many RPGs at night...better to be back on modeling...

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