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Ferrari 250 GTO 1964

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by Simon Luca ANTELMI

Scale: 1/43

This car is the famous Ferrari 250 GTO 1964 ( road version) - similiar to the competition version that you can see ( the red car) near its well known "cousin" in one of the photos of the model.

The kit is in white metal and comes just "out of the box" from the French AMR- Le Phoenix.Originally, it has been made "on request".

The color is a typical one commonly used for "real cars" in repair garages and I applied it with my airbrush for the most part. However, the interior part has been painted by hand with acrilycs to represent in the right way all the expensive details and the finesse of the seats and the instruments.

Also for the rear lights I preferred to use acrilycs . All the windows are photoetched.

Of course, the question is: why this car in what is mainly a Science- Fiction Modelling Contest? Well, first of all because it's a car available only in my dreams...its cost is, more or less, 1.000.000,00 Euros, I mean more than 1 million dollars...so it's a dream hard to come true, just in a future world of possibilities...but..maybe not even there!!!And then, it's one of the preferred road cars among all the models made from me...

So, come on, Batman,leave for a time your super-tech black BatMobile and taste just for a drive a typical product of the Myth...(too exaggerated, maybe? Well, not really...)

Image: Left side

Image: Interior

Image: Right/rear

Image: Oh ..... yeah.

Image: With its racing cousin

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