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Cardassian Galor

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[Scale Solutions]

by Andy Parker

Scale: 1/1400

This is my AMT Cardassian Galor Class from Star Trek. I work a 12 hour shift schedule that gives me a 3 day weekend every other weekend and I put this one together on one of my off weekends. I built it straight from the box several years ago, very simple really. I spray painted the model with a can of an acrylic yellow that I got from wal-mart. The various sensor strips and vent panels were painted a flat acrylic dark gray. The three impulse engines where painted flat acrylic gray. For the main weapons array and warp engines I used Testors gold and silver paint markers. Finally I painted the windows using flat sky blue. I tend to use whatever I have on hand to finish my models, from cans of spray paint out of the shed to bottles of paint actually from a hobby store. It doesn't matter to me as long as I am happy with the result.

Image: Top view

Image: Left/rear

Image: Right/rear

Image: Underneath

Image: Front view

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