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Nausicaa's Gunship

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[Scale Solutions]

by Brad Guy

Scale: Not stated

Here is my humble entry for the Yellow Contest, the Nausicaa Gunship. It is built straight from Ban Dai's box, just as you see it, with no modification. Paints are all Model Master enamels, with a coat of Future on top. Weathering was done in three ways: First by preshading all panel lines. I lightened the base coat of Afrika Braun with about 20% flat white and straight yellow, and post shaded each panel. Next, an oil wash over the Future. Final flat coat was made with Testors flat lacquer, which captured the inevitable odd cat hair or two, which you can still see if you look closely.

It was a fun addition to the model shelf, and I hope it is worthy of your approval.

Image: Right/front view

Image: Left/front

Image: Underneath

Image: Cockpit area

Image: Landing gear

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