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Captain James T Kirk

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[Scale Solutions]

by Duane King

Scale: 1/6

What can say? Itís Captain James T. Kirk, leader of the crew of the Enterprise 1701, winner of womenís hearts and scourge of the Klingon Empire.

This 12 inch vinyl model shows Kirk in his everyday yellow tunic from the original show waving his phaser at an imaginary foe.

The AMT model was hand-brush painted using acrylics. The yellow for his tunic is an artist's tube paint color from an art store. The pants and boots are Testors Model Master Black. The trim is gold. Hard to see in the photo is the ever-so-light shading of the hair over a dark brown base.

I wish the kit had come with a communicator.

Image: Mugshot

Image: Front view

Image: From behind

Image: Right side

Image: Profile

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