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Nemo's Yellow Submarine

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[Scale Solutions]

by Joseph C. Brown

Scale: 1/700

“Whalers, merchantmen, and naval patrol ships have all reported seeing a brightly patterned iron-backed whale of immense size and garish skin color sailing in odd, high speed circles around their ships.”

-Sea-going Myths and Legends of the late 19th Century

What if Captain Nemo had accidentally sailed his crew into Vulcania, and they were all overcome by the magic mushrooms? He'd have the crew out repainting the Nautilus, that's what would happen. And if four of the crew happened to be named John, Paul, George and Ringo, well, coincidences do occur…

I'd gotten the Wave Nautilus kit some time ago, and decided that it would be a perfect entry for this contest. It just needed a quick assembly, and then an appropriate paint job. Construction was very easy, and a few mystery parts were discovered on the sprue. They looked as though they were meant to be used to deploy the Nautile from the port observation area. There are some other minor nits, but nothing that would give problems to anyone who has built a few models.

Yellow paints were randomly mixed, and applied to the entire ship. Parma Racing Orange made up the accent color and dries quickly, being wiped off the raised filigree areas of the hull. This gives a hint of the details. The Bridge / Conning Tower area was then painted with Citadel Ruby Red, and the sub was done!

Image: Right/rear, unpainted

Image: Front/left, unpainted

Image: Extras?

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