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Trade Federation Tank

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[Scale Solutions]

by Kelly Krider

Scale: 1/35

Every Saga has a beginning, and this tank was there to begin what would be the end of the Republic. The Trade Federation Tank was used on Naboo during the trade blockade by the Trade Federation. This was a tactic used to gain leverage on the Republic, it did not work as they has planned.

I built this kit right out of the box in 1999-2000 as soon as I got my grubby little hands on it. It was a nice kit to build, the parts were a good fit and it is a decent size model. The paint job was mostly standard spray paints from, most likely, Walmart. The decorative base was recently made with railroad grass and resin rocks on a wooden base. This kit was built so long ago I don't remember having any issues building it, I thought I would toss it in the mix for this contest to see what my skills back then could earn.

Image: Front view

Image: Right/rear

Image: Top view

Image: Rear view

Image: Right side

Image: Turret detao;

Image: Midsection

Image: Front/lef

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