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Nabu Skyfighter

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[Scale Solutions]

by Bill Human

Scale: 1/72

The small island nation of Nabu has fallen under attack by the vile Trade Federation, and its brave pilots are involved in a pitched battle against the Federations Robot Control ship.

Young Anakin Skyhopper had unwisely chosen to hide in a Nabu-ian fighter and started flipping switches, despite being told to remain right where he was. His fighter, mostly under the command of an R2 'thinking machine' auto-pilot, thus embarked on a furious dogfight, which culminated in the destruction of the Federation's ship.

Well, because of the youth's disobedience, and his blossoming disrespect for rules and other people's property, he seems to be well on his way to an uncertain future of being manipulated and used. Thus began the misadventures of a youth, whose destiny would change the world.

This model is a little Testors 1:72nd Spitfire that I've had forever. It was built in a hurry the first time, and for this contest was stripped, repainted and weathered, also in a hurry!

To me the British Spitfire is one of the most graceful and beautiful of the numerous WWII aircraft designs, and seemed a perfect match for the, also, graceful and beautiful Naboo N-1.

Image: Right/rear view

Image: Left/front

Image: Beauty

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