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[Scale Solutions]

by Phil Gruver

Scale: N/A

This is my Chief Systems Engineer with his latest design.

It comes complete with a massive suspension, all terrain tires, a wicked two-tone paint job and the most beautiful tail pipe design imaginable. If ever Webster needed a picture to go with the word "Jalopy" he should have used this. Look at those lines. I could never have thought of that. The auto industry needs to start employing 5-year-olds. Just sit 'em down at a scope and feed them sugar frosted flakes; they'll think it's a video arcade. Then fire the R&D section. We could have avoided the Plymouth K-car...

..okay, so ... the model:

I started by scanning the drawing and importing into PowerPoint. Then carefully traced over each line preserving every turn and inflection. Parts were printed on a color printer and laminated down onto either 4-ply ragboard (flat pieces) or card stock (curved pieces) with Super77. Parts were cut out and the edges blackened with a felt marker. All parts were glued together with Elmer's glue. The windshield was cut from plastic packaging and adhered to the body with transfer adhesive. The antenna was made with wood dowel and a Q-tip swab. The wheels were attached to the posts with a wood dowel and can spin freely. Think I'll put a motor in it

Image: Right/rear view

Image: Beefy exhausts

Image: All terrain tires

Image: Left/rear

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