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Two-Seat Recon Viper

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by Gil Brumana

Scale: 1/32

This Viper came out of my disappointment with the way the studio did a two seat Viper for the (equally disappointing) "Galactica 1980". In that series all the studio did was stick windows onto the equipment extension at the back of the cockpit canopy. (Uuuuggghh)

This two seat Recon Viper was the way I thought it should look. The kit it's self is the Monogram/Revell Viper built from the box, with a few extras and corrections. I added a few extra pipes to the engine sections to make them look more three dimensional. And I added the "Moonbase Models Rear Engine Section Detail Piece" to the back.

Now here's what I did for the change: I drew up a pattern for the cockpit opening, based on the logical assumption that two warrior pilots would be sitting there. I cut open the fuselage to the pattern then built a canopy to match the larger opening. The design of the canopy was very painstakingly thought out using the style of the original series as a guide. I wanted a canopy that would look as if it belonged on the flight deck along side the regular Vipers. I think I got one that looks good.

I was doing a complete cockpit/interior for it but interest kinda wavered and it just fell by the wayside.

I painted the kit in Antique White and the stripping was the JBOT decals. I like the fact that you can get them in the different colors now. Anyway I wanted to make this RECON-VIPER from Yellow Squadron. Details were picked out with a # 2 pencil and weathering was done with pastels.

Image: Right/rear view

Image: Rear

Image: Portside detail

Image: Underneath

Image: Left/front

Image: Above

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