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Jedi Sentinel Lightsabre

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[Scale Solutions]

by Eric Braun

Scale: 1/1

A yellow blade typically signified a Jedi Sentinel. –Wiki

Sentinels were prevalent 1000 years before the battle of Yavin, when the Sith were a much more permeating and insidious influence throughout the galaxy. They were specialized in stealth and infiltration, rooting out evil where it lived. –Wizards of the Coast

This is a scratchbuild light saber using a combination of instructions from the website bigyellowbox.tripod.com. The hilt of the sword is made of, for the most part, common plumbing parts: Drain tubes, faucet knob, grommet, o-rings, part of a maglite rubber grip, knurled nuts, and PVC parts. The drain tubes were cut with a rotory tool, following instructions for a “Style II” Sabre.

The blade is PVC with a threaded male insert, matching a female connector riveted inside the hilt. It has been painted with plasti-dip.

Approximately 10 hours labor went into building this.

Image: Closer look

Image: Hilt

Image: Emitter section

Image: Pommel

Image: Hilt/blade couple

Image: Another look

Image: In hand

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