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It's a Dirty Job....

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Image: From above

Image: Rear

Image: Underneath

by Robert Graham

Scale: Not stated

The title says it all. In the beginnings of the year 2054, the world's nations started several lunar cities. One of the problems the cities had were waste management and water recycling. Enter SWC&R. (SOLID WASTE COLLECTION AND REMOVAL) These "lunar sewage trucks" go from building to building collecting the waste. The side hatches are where the waste is collected via a vacuum hoses that attach to the truck. When the truck is full, it goes to a large recycling center, backs up and attaches to a collector via the large rear hatch. In a 2 part process the waste is removed and the interior of the storage unit is sterilized. While the storage unit is emptied the cab is moved to a new truck and the process starts all over again.

There are currently 600 trucks in use per city to date.

The idea for this kit was relatively easy. (HA!) I had been racking my brain for something to build when my trash collection truck came by. Then it hit me.

This is a true kitbash. The frame, cab, & thrusters are from the (Seaquest) Deep Ocean Transport. The left and right side panels are from a (STNG/Voyager) Maquis Fighter. The top forward panel and back bottom sections are from an Aliens Dropship. I also have parts from a star wars AT-AT and X-wing fighter. For the front panel I used Aves sculpt and putty. I started construction 2 days after the contest started.

I used Krylon "Safety Yellow" for the main color & Testors enamels for all the details. Then I did a black wash to give it a dirty/old look.

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