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[Scale Solutions]

by Kenton Rusbridge

Scale: 1/5000

I always planned and wanted to scratch build Moya ever since I started making models again. I spent ages and ages trying to think of a yellow model I wanted to make before I remembered ......

For those who don't know Moya is an organic and living ship called a Leviathan and was the main ship of the show Farscape.

This model is made from styrene over a balsa wood core, and resin arms. The ridges are a mixture of styrene half rods and soldering wire (very flexible but delicate) The paint is Citadel “shining gold” and chestnut ink all air brushed on. The windows due to scale were drilled and painted “mithral silver.”

The base is hand made, stained pine and the plaque is three dimensional from styrene shaped to be the opening title. All is covered with Future. (I have found that future works fine on wood if several coats are applied and plenty more patience is applied to the drying time).

Image: Front view

Image: Rear

Image: Right side

Image: Underneath

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