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[Scale Solutions]

by Murray Antypowich

Scale: 1/32

This is a 1/32 scale Vulture from the Mech Warrior PC game. I depicted it on the battlefield and as having seen a fair bit of action as a mercenary. Being a merc doesn't leave you with a lot of support so you salvage what you can. This one wears parts from others, but hasn't had them long enough to repaint them in his own colors. His unit number and crest have just been splashed on and the parts will be more thoroughly repaired and repainted at a more appropriate time.

The right leg gyro pod and right gun have been hit by an LBX Auto Cannon (giant shotgun). I used a piece of heated coat hanger, which mushroomed the edges of the holes. The right missile launcher, right side of the center torso, and the back of the center torso have all been freshly hit by PPC rounds, burning through the outer armor and nearly through the outer structure of the mech. This was done with a motor tool and lots of patience. The burnt areas were air brushed on and later dry brushed with a chalky blue. The nose has taken previous damage from a PPC that ruptured through and has received a hasty field repair by bending it back to shape and welding. There is some welding on the left missile launcher as well. The left gun has had some of the armor torn open but is still functional.

Salvaged parts include: Left gyro pod, Left arm gun (ERPPC from a Thore), Right missle launcher (LRM 20), Right arm gun (ERLL& ERML), Right Nose Pod with (MPL)

Extra optional salvaged parts include: Front half of left arm gun (ERLL&ERML), nose gun assembly(AC5 rotary auto cannon)

The wreckage of the tank mixed in with the fallen building was long ago pilfered of its tracks and anything else of value

Image: Right/front view

Image: From above

Image: Left/rear

Image: Left side

Image: Left/front view

Image: Closeup, right side

Image: Closeup, damaged nose

Image: Ground-level view, right/rear

Image: Right/front (note damage to lower leg)

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