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Yellow Podracer

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[Scale Solutions]

by Wolfgang Bittermann

Scale: 1/24

This is a project I have worked on for years now. As I saw “Star Wars - Episode I” I was very impressed by the pod race sequences. There were so many different looking podracers with cool designs. One of my first thoughts was that I have to create my private podracer someday. I started this project soon after the visit at the movies in I guess autumn 1999. This project had a lot of breaks of several weeks / month during the last years.

When this “Yellow Contest” was announced my podracer project was about 20% done AND I finally knew what color this podracer will have. I finished this model the last 4 weeks and I am really lucky how it comes out!

My primary intent was to build a cool-looking podracer by using lots of stuff anyone has in his house like plumbing pipes and empty bottles of bath / shampoo / soap / smelly welly and plastic spoons and forks and so on. But very soon I noticed that I also had to use other modeling parts to finish this project. So this podracer is a mix of many many many different parts.

The engines are made from plumbing pipes. The pod itself is made from a empty odour despenser bottle. I used so many different stuff just to name a few: lots of evergreen plastic sheets / stripes / rods in various thickness, lots of parts from my greeblie spare part boxes, cable clips in different sizes, handholds from plastic cutlery, guitar strings in various sizes, parts from a agrar backpack sprayer, pilot is from a airfix hawker hurricane or spitfire.

The overall color was made with bright yellow by Testors. I chose a dark green tone to create a few markings on the engines and the pod. The engine parts in the back of the pod were mainly painted silver and metallic tones with burnt umber wash and a final drybrush with silver. A overall wash with thinned black gives more depth to all the details on the whole model. Thinned oil burnt umber color was used to apply some rusty areas. Additional highlights were done by drybrushing with silver and aluminium. I finished this model with dull black streaks and small damages all over the model like it would look like after an long race.

Image: Left side

Image: Front/left view

Image: BIG engines

Image: Pod

Image: From above

Image: Binding

Image: Pod, right side

Image: Right/rear

Image: Left/rear

Image: Overall, from behind

Image: Left/rear

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