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Tarazarian Carrier

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by Tony Murray

Scale: 1/2000

This is a "Tarazarian" carrier. It is the backbone of the fleet and can service six ships at one time. Although it sustained minor damage to the solar array from the "pasque" fighter squadron, it still maintained its integrity, and will not return to docking bay for repair.

This ship is one of my all time favorites . It is 1/2000 scale -- 32" long, 14"wide and 6.5" high. It is composed of the following:

  • 60 Razor sections that have been disassembled and r glued end to end
  • 11 Razor heads
  • 6 Complete "bic" razors
  • 5 Hair curlers
  • 5 Razor cartridge holders
  • 15 Plastic parts drawer separators
  • 2 Carbide cutter trays
  • 1 Pepper shaker top
  • 1 "Cap'n crunch" Binocular lens,
  • 1 Plastic champagne cup
  • 2 Plant trays
  • 1 Flash cube bottom
  • 2 Communion cups
  • 5 Tank wheels
  • 4 .22 cal. bullet holders,
  • 1 Teflon tape spool
  • 7 Plastic model sprues
  • 1 Race track support, and
  • approx 10 various greebles from models.

My inspiration for this model initially came from seeing the "Cygnus" from the movie the "Black Hole". It was so different from the "casual" ships I saw in other sci fi movies. I had always worked for the most part from using plastics I found around the house, and the razor ends seemed perfectly suited for the task. They also had a detail flavor to them in and of themselves. Early on I conceptualized this as being a sort of "aircraft carrier in space". As fragile as it looks it has held up remarkably over the years!

Image: Front view

Image: Rear view

Image: Left/rear

Image: From above

Image: Details

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