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Tarazarian Drone

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[Scale Solutions]

by Tony Murray

Scale: 1/200

A fighter vehicle once the main defense of the Tarazarian fleet, It has now been reissued as a drone defense class ship. Although not particularly ominous looking, the one thing you don't want to do when it scans you, is destroy it. It creates a particularly nasty space void that if within it's circumference you cant hyper-jump away. And you fall victim to a relentless attack by more alerted drones in the quadrant.

This model, which is 11" long, 6" wide and 4" tall, was made more than 35 yrs ago and yes it was yellow then too! It is made from the following:

  • 1 Cassette tape split in halves
  • 1 Toothbrush holder
  • 3 Razor blade ends
  • Two .22 cal. bullet holders
  • 1 shirt button
  • Model "T" car suspension
  • 5 assorted greebles from other models.

What makes this particular craft interesting is it's simple construction but exotic look. I was not thinking about anything I saw at the time it just came together nicely. It's one of my favorites since it is a constant reminder that ships don't always need to be vastly complex to be appealing in shape and structure. I also like to show this to guests to see how quickly they can spot household items on it! It also happens to be one of my earliest creations and has gone through only minor cosmetic changes from parts that have broken off over time.

Image: Starboard side

Image: Above

Image: Below

Image: Starboard, again

Image: Closeup

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