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Dreevo Destroyer

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by Tony Murray

Scale: Not stated

This is the main class destroyer ship of the "Dreevo" race. The "Dreevo" are basically the mercenaries of the galaxy. It is said they will do anything for a price , even battle each other! For the most part they do the dirty work of clearing unwanted systems from the galaxy. The ship itself is loaded to the gills with weaponry, but the key feature of this class destroyer is the plating. Know one knows for sure why it is so impervious to attack, other than the rumor of it being crystallized over a seven year period within the home planets core.

I built this ship many years ago before I even knew what kit bashing was. I was never satisfied with just making a model from the box and Sci Fi was always at the front of my creations.

This ship in particular is one of my all time favorites and is 6" high, 29.5" long and 11" wide. It started its life from two WW2 German army flak panzer tanks . I took the main body of each and glued them front to back one upside down. Then I glued both turrets back to back and added it to the front of the ship. The rear engines are the turrets. The crystal engines are a salt and pepper shaker with a thread spool cut in half for a base. At the front of each turret (engine) facing forward are the tops of two silicone tube nozzles with 3 different tank wheels attached. The round object towards the front of the ship is a fishing bobbin attached to the bottom half of a plastic champagne cup. The long side projections are bic shaver bodies along with one shaver body forming the neck of the ship. the delta front end of the ship are two model base stands glued back to back. a lot of the detailing and greebles are of course from whatever looked good from the tank models and some smaller parts from a submarine model.

This is one of those ships that seemed to go together nicely and I'm proud to enter it in the Yellow contest.

Image: Starboard side, midships

Image: Portside, looking aft

Image: Head on

Image: Starboard, looking aft

Image: Engines

Image: Looking forward

Image: Port side detail

Image: Top detail

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