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The King In Yellow

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[Scale Solutions]

by Craig York

Scale: 1/12

THE KING IN YELLOW is the title of a fictious play that drives all who read it mad, in a series of horror stories by Robert Chambers. Written in the late 1890's, the stories were later incorporated into H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. The figure of the King is described as dressed in a tattered yellow robe, wearing a pallid mask.

The model was sculpted from blue insulation foam, draped with epoxy putty, and painted with a combination of Vallejo and Poly-S acrylics. The base is blue foam, spackled with Durham's water putty on a simple pine base from Hobby Lobby. The pedestal is a real rock atop a columm of blue foam, again covered with Durham's. The scale is about 1/12th.

Image: The story so far ....

Image: Above

Image: Right side

Image: Left side

Image: Scary

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