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[Scale Solutions]

by Clyde R Jones

Scale: 1/35

What does a Caterpillar tractor pupate into? How about a M.O.T.H.? A Motile Orbital Transmodule Handler - or orbital forklift. Equipped with powerful engines on one end and massive clamps to latch onto transmodule flanges on the other, the M.O.T.H. is a common site around orbital stations and cargo transfer points. It also has internal storage space for more delicate cargo than the massive transmodules. Fuel and consumables are stored under the internal cargo deck.

It’s crews affectionately refer to these ships as “Bumble Bricks” because of the vigorously YELLOW paint jobs...

This model has a scratchbuilt hull, built on the bulkhead on keel principle and is very strong. It's actually strong enough to use to beat other models to death. It's also my reaction to my helping to build a very large, complex, and absurdly delicate film model - I needed to build something relatively simple, solid, and YELLOW.

I was also interested in experimenting with different ways to handle cargo hatches - there are two different types of large hatches on either side of the model, and a nice recessed personnel door to port. It's interesting to note that the very mild compound curves of the hull are still just pieces of flat sheet stock, gently bent into place and firmly glued down.

Image: Peeking into the crew compartment

Image: Front view

Image: Port side hatches

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