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Fallout from a Flat

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by Kenton Rusbridge

Scale: 1/32

Set in the near future in a kitschy, 1960's-imagined, post -Apocalyptic world, fallout and fallout 2 are fantastic games that even hold their charm years later.

In this scene the Chosen One (in the power amour) directs his companions Vic (the balding, kneeling one) and Cassidy to fix a flat tyre, while Dogmeat looks on and Robodog goes for a wander. Unfortunately the spare has been removed to make room for all guns and ammo you collect through the game. Elsewhere the ground is littered with corpses and shells from a firefight after the car crashed into the no-parking sign.

The Car is a modified AMT 1957 Chrysler 300c converted into the beaten up junkyard car from fallout 2, the Chrysalis Highway man. The scoop on the bonnet is made from the car's own engine parts and sheet styrene. The boot space and rear wings were converted with styrene, epoxy and putty. The foam from the worn and splitting seats is made from expanding polyurethane foam.

The figures are all cast in resin and based off a Tamyia pit crew. The clothes and amour as well as Vic's potbelly were made from epoxy before casting using a silicon mold and polyurethane resin. The dogs and geckos are also resin made cast from modified wildlife toys.

The shack is all scratchbuilt with styrene, and the roof vacuum formed over a corrugated resin plug.

All the small detail is scratchbuilt: the guns, the dead rats the loot in the building, the fire hydrant and the fences. The road is textured with bicarbonate soda and the whole model painted in Games workshop paint, then washed with tinted future.

Image: Dirty window

Image: Front seat

Image: Geckos

Image: I knew Vic couldn't fix anything.

Image: Robodog and spent rounds.

Image: The Chosen One never leaves a locker unopened...

Image: Chrysalis Highwayman

Image: What do you mean Sulik took out the spare to make room?

Image: Who parked that?

Image: Another look

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