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Cylon Attack

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by Kenton Rusbridge

Scale: Small

At the start of the great exodus, the Cylon basestars orbit Caprica as it is wrecked and ruined by nuclear explosions.

Caprica (20 cm diameter) is a mix of styrene, acrylic builders putty, paint and matte medium for clouds. The nuclear mushrooms and the base stars (5cm and 1.5cm) masters were made from tamyia epxoy putty, then molds made and cast in polyurethane resin.

The base color for the Basestars is Citadel Paints' Mithril Silver washed with inked Future floor polish. The planed is pained with a mix of artist paints and highlighted with Citadel paints. Large citys are painted on and are the subject of most of the bombing.

Image: Base stars and mushroom clouds

Image: Top view

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