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One Year Later

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by Todd Fargo

Scale: 1/32

One year after the Battle of Endor, this rusting hulk lies as a reminder of how the mighty can fall, and how the seemingly most inconsequential of creatures can rise to a position of prominence. This area has become something of a taboo region. The only remnants of the original vehicle crew are their helmets, placed on display by the victorious Ewoks.

This is the AMT/ERTL AT-ST re-release model kit. There are a few extra “greeblies”, and some additional paneling, as well as bottoms on the feet. The base is built up with foam-core board and expanding foam, covered with a mixture of dirt and white glue. There are various branch pieces, stones, vines and some model railroad landscaping foliage. There is also an interior in the model, since the hatch is loose. Unfortunately, the melted and blasted interior is mostly impossible to see.

The rust effect was done by painting a mixture of red, yellow and blue onto the primed model in various places, then covering the “rust” with rubber cement before the top coat, white with a couple drops of black. A black/brown wash was applied, then the top coat was rubbed off where the rubber cement was, revealing the rust below. The legs were repositioned, and the gaps in the joints filled with painted copper wires.

Image: Overall

Image: Closer look at the left side

Image: Rear view

Image: Helmets

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