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The Inexplicable Remains of an AT-ST

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by Sergio Palumbo

Scale: 1/35-ish

"The driver immediately stopped his powerful AT-ST and stared just out of the screen, surprised and amazed for a while...his eyes fixed on that incredible scene. Even the Imperial Stormtrooper on the ground was looking around, searching for a possible danger in the surroundings of that forest.

"Look at that wreck down there! A completely smoked and battered vehicle of ours on the ground, no sign of the drivers or of the soldiers...Whoever could have made this mess? As far as I know, inside this area there are only some insignificant wild tribes of indigenous people., with no weapons and no technology at all, no other else..."

"Eeeehwoks, isn't that their name? Do you mean them...? I don't think they would dare...those insignificant creatures!" the Stormtrooper heard the conversation of the driver via radio and responded.

"-Yeaaah, maybe you're right, those little furry beings never would have really been able to attack and destroy a modern, high mobility Imperial AT-ST! And then, why?I don't believe in it...Our response would be terrible for them...Especially now that our troops have ambushed the group of rebels who were attempting an attack against our Field Generatator Base Camp. At this moment the battle should have already ended..."

But the evidence of that wreck on the ground showed all the fierceness of the attack, every part of the turret seemed have been put on fire and the legs of the AT-ST were only two destroyed remnants burnt all over. No use of laser guns or any other modern weapons, only flames, maybe fire...something that even those furry creatures of this Moon could be able to do, after all.

Well, maybe it was better going back fast towards the Base Camp on Endor....the Imperial driver thought "I sense a lot of problems coming...what if some other rebel troops have landed somewhere in these enormous forests? That could be the explanation, and we should find them as soon as possible or face the rage of our commander, or, even worst of all, of Darth Vader himself."

The two drivers on the AT-ST looked each other without a word, very worried, and set immediately a course for the base. The Stormtrooper on the ground nodded and followed accordingly.

The "mecha" are old STAR WARS kits from AMT- ERTL. They depict a scene that could have even happened on Endor during the third movie of the original trilogy, far from the main battleground, when the Ewoks decide to unite and attack the Imperial soldiers to free the rebel group imprisoned - by deception - while trying to destroy the Field Generator for helping the rebel fleet battling in space with the Imperial starships near the Moon.

The primer is the "traditional" Chaos Black from GW , useful also on plastic not only for game miniatures, and the colors are Vallejo acrylics with oils for the weathering. The diorama was made with chalk, rocks, lichens, flock, little pieces of a real tree as well as drybrushed, dust and pigments on the surface and cardboard all around. The "head" of the wrecked mecha on the ground has been damaged and battered to show a partially burnt remnant of an AT- ST destroyed by the Ewoks who - in brief time - discovered how to attack such a powerful machine using natural weapons like enormous trunks of the forest, stones, fire and so on...everyone knows how the story ended and the Empire was finally defeated!"

Image: From above

Image: Side view

Image: Closer look

Image: Rear view

Image: Closer look

Image: Another look

Image: Burnt vehicle detail

Image: From the side

Image: "What the ....."

Image: From ground level

Image: Camouflage

Image: Vegetation

Image: Trees

Image: AT-ST hatch

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