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Ashes to Ashes - Rust to Rust

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by Marco Scheloske

Scale: Not Stated

It is the year 2063... two decades ago mankind fought their final battle against Skynet and the Cyberdyne weapon systems in all their variants. The human survivors reached a critical low number when a group of young physicists stumbled upon the “ultimate weapon” against the deadly Terminators: The so called Quintadim-Wave (Quantum Interference Dimodulator). It is a device that could be from a science fiction story, an energetic field that changes the molecular structure of the aluminium / titanium alloy which is used for the main structures of all Skynet systems. Once hit by the energy wave the material behaves more like styrene than a super-tough metal, being very brittle, not even capable of holding its own weight. Simple bullets were able to rip the once so untouchable structures apart, grenades and other explosives created unimaginable damage. Besides from that the material began to rust extremely fast, being very sensitive to atmospheric humidity.

Once detected and tested on captured Terminator versions it was necessary to create a device that was able to disable all Skynet units on the entire planet at once, so that the machines would not have the chance to develop a working defence. Three large Quintadim wave generators were build in different countries over several years, but somehow Skynet got informations about their existence only a few hours before they could be activated. The human troops fought brave, in an act of desperation, but nevertheless two of the generators were destroyed. The third one, build deeply in the rocks of the Himalaya, remains intact long enough to be activated! More than a dozen Quintadim waves surrounded earth, destroying not only the mobile units, but the Skynet core systems as well.

Some unofficial historical authorities are delivering that the words of the soldier who finally activated the Quintadim generator, Colonel William Roconn, have been: “Hasta la vista, baby...”

This model is build from an old styrene T-800 model I had lying around here, waiting for massive re-work regarding the paintjob, and a resin casting of a scratchbuild groundplate. Well, the wrecks-contest was the perfect reason to test a liquid “real rust”-set I got on an exhibition a while ago. So I broke the endoskeleton into several pieces that looked like being ripped apart by bullets or a small explosion, and while I set the scene into a time twenty years after the destruction of that Terminator robot (and the whole Skynet system) I used a lot of rust on it.

The base is completely painted with Games Workshop colors, the basecoat is Desert Yellow, followed by a dark brown oilcolor wash. Then I drybrushed the base with Bubonic Brown, Bronzed Flesh Bleached Bone. White was also used, but only very sparingly, mainly on the broken stones. The basecoat of the bricks is “Mars Red”.

The T-800 was painted chrome silver, than heavily treated with the “real rust” stuff. The weapon was painted Black Chrome (Testors), drybrushed with Bolt Gun metal and weathered with Tamiya Weathering Master “Sand”. The Quntadim-Wave only affected the endoskeleton alloy, so the weapon isn`t rusted, only covered with dirt and dust.

The nameplate is a self created print, and it reads: “Terminator: Endgame. Ashes to Ashes - Rust to Rust”, as a little play on words...

Image: Overall

Image: Broken leg

Image: Weapon

Image: Closeup, back of the head

Image: Left side

Image: Right side

Image: Head and shoulders

Image: Name plate

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