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Duck Blind

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by Pat Tomlinson

Scale: 1/100

During the protracted struggle against the A.E.U.G., elite Titans units needed to become creative. Drawing from the history of the great land battles of the past, the Titans adopted a tactic first used by British snipers in the Great War. In the of battlefields of space, pilots assigned to supporting fire roles would craft camouflage from floating debris and shattered hulls. Thus the sniper's gilly suit was reborn in the vacuum of space. Although the 155mm auto loading cannon used by this Gundam Mk II is a fair bit bigger than the .30 06 of the past, the mantra of "One shot, one kill" remains the same.

This display is built around a 1/100 scale MG Bandai Gundam Mk II v 2.0. The kit is wonderful with astonishing articulation. The Gundam itself is built stock and painted with Tamiya acrylics. The sniper rifle was scratchbuilt from layers of sheet styrene and styrene tube. The wreckage is meant to represent a section of hull from a Salamis class destroyer from the Gundam universe. It was also built from scratch using mostly sheet styrene, styrene pipes, wires, and a fair number of parts from the spares bin.

Image: Front view

Image: Shooter's left side

Image: From above

Image: Closeup

Image: Damage

Image: Over the shoulder

Image: Hull section

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