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Fallout From The Sky

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by Kenton Rusbridge

Scale: 1/32

Set in the near future in a kitschy, 1960's-imagined, post -Apocalyptic world, Fallout and Fallout 2 are fantastic games that even hold their charm years later.

The second of my wrecks build fallout 2 models, this one is of an early scene that ignored in the whole plot. Essentially the bad guys, the Enclave, have crashed in their vertibird and the chosen one has stumbled across them.

This model is completly scratch build on a large pine base. The vertibird is a mixture of vacuum forming (body) resin (engines and wheels) and sheet styrene (wings) The chosen one ( in the blue vault suit with 10mm automatic pistol) and the burnt enclave soldiers are resin cast from modified tamyia pit crew (really good plain figures, ideal for modification) as is Dogmeat (the dog). The scenery is made from real rocks (lightly painted to keep natural color and texture) wire, lichen and acrylic matte medium as bark for texture and too loose the twisted wire. The small grasses are natural fiber paint brushes (not my good ones).

Even though it did not appear in the game encounter I couldn't resist putting in the Braham (two-headed cow) as the Idea looked so good in my head. This was made from two farm yard animals (very hard to find an accurate 1:35 scale cow) and reshaped with epoxy.

The model is painted in Citadel paints (mainly graveyard earth for the sand/dirt and mixtures of codex gray and boltgun metal for the vertibird. The model is then sealed with blackened future and weathered with a fine air brush of graveyard earth and oil pastels for dust and rust.

Image: Backside of the vertibird

Image: Cow and trees

Image: Not uptight, not unattractive.....

Image: ... take me home tonight, I'm radioactive.

Image: Ground level

Image: Chosen One and Dogmeat

Image: From above

Image: Over the shoulder view

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