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Y-Wing It

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by Duane King

Scale: 1/87

So, what does one do with a surplus Y Wing? One enterprising retired fighter pilot has decided to make it the roadside attraction (and namesake) for his restaurant: Y WING IT. The Y WING IT eatery is a place to get barbeque, burgers, and ice cream. Forget about getting any chicken dishes; after all, Y Wing it when good barbeque is available?!

The Model

The restaurant model is a straight out of the box railroad kit, styled to be like a Howard Johnson's eatery. It is hand painted using acrylics. The Y Wing model is straight out of the box also painted by hand with acrylics. The Y-Wing support post is telescoping plastic scratch building tube with railroad ballast glued around the base to look like a stone ring.

The sign graphics were created by hand (the text was from a pc). I traced the Y Wing shape on paper and then reduced it until I got it to the size I needed.

The picnic tables are a laser cut wood kit colored with coloring pencil (picnic tables... who would of thought one would be putting something like that together for a sci fi model?) and the other various outside accessories came from a railroad model detailing set.

The grass is a piece of green artist paper which is on a wooden base.

Image: Front view

Image: Closeup

Image: Left side

Image: Right/front view

Image: The sign

Image: Overhead

Image: Closer

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