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Liberty in Ruins

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by Murray Swift

Scale: Not stated

300 years into the future the Earth is recovering from a global disaster. Without warning in 2070 the Earth tilted on its axis and a new world was born. Oceans raced across land, new land rose, land sank, the map of the world was changed for ever. ankind survived, and now lives on the new continents, a new and better mankind.

The Statue of Liberty had been discovered some 20 years ago in a desert region, barren and devoid of habitation. It has become a tourist attraction, as seen, small 'hover yachts' visit the ruins. It was the only 'old world' monument to survive; the pyrimids if they survived, now being at the bottom of the sea. Lady Liberty suffered much damage in the holocaust, and most is buried beneath the sands.

The Model

The model is made from a Lindberg Statue of Liberty model I got from eBay. Damage is filled with bits and pieces and painted in model paints. The base is 'The Hulk' base with extra rock work done and covered in train diorama sands mixed to make a new colour. Moss and lichen is added. The' hover yacht' is a mint container, modified; the seats are from a Captain Scarlet airplane, the people from a Gigantics model - plus bits and pieces and decals from the parts box.

All in all I'm very happy with it, as I've never done this much landscaping before.

Image: Building detail

Image: Tourists

Image: Overall

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