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by James Logan

Scale: Not stated

I just built it to look like a car that was purchased for spare parts. The truck was built by me to look like someone just drove the hell out of it.

The story of what happened to the 87 Pontiac Firebird:

Tim was happy. He had just bought his most sought after car. He wanted to do a Knight Rider conversion and found this one. The original owner had painted it green and got tired of looking at it - so he sold it.

That's where Tim comes in. He bought it and put the 3rd - 4th season Knight Rider nose on it.He got the dash in it, the seats too, and then went and bought a third generation Ram Air Hood. He took it to his garage where his friends hang out and they helped him fix up the car. When they finished they decided to take it for a spin. As soon as they pulled out of the door they were hit by a '73 Chevy pickup right in the left door. The driver of the pickup wasn't paying attention to the road ahead.

Image: Shoulda been paying attention....

Image: Ouch

Image: Crumple zone

Image: Aw, man! I just waxed it!

Image: What the pigeon saw

Image: What the pigeon saw when looking over his shoulder

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