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WW4 Aftermath: Antarctic Day Tours, Landing Pad #4

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by Tanya Snively

Scale: Not stated

This was once a thriving Antarctic Eco-Tour company's 4th landing pad, able to service day tours via snowmobile and light shuttle service. Then WW4 came along and the climate change due to the number of nuclear missiles used in the region caused ice caps to melt, mold and moss to cover the land. Odd circular polyps began to appear that were unknown in human history. They have begun to spread......

A a Nerf target game formed the basis for the landing pad and building . The shuttle is a Konami handheld 'Lone Ranger' shooting game. Both were in fine working order prior to the commencement of building activities.

The satellite tower and the P.A. towers bases are containers from gum or candy, I cannot remember which. The blue tops, the p.a. speakers and the metal rod that the speakers are on came from the wheels and their axle from a long tossed toy.

The sidewalk, the front door lintel, the polyps, and the textured side panels on the shuttle, are all polymer clays. The single remaining skylight is bordered with copper foil- the type used in stained glass work.

Milliput and paper clay were used in and on the towers and the shuttle. The mold coming out of the towers and the vents of the shuttle is made of painted paper. The 'Snow Mobiles Keep Right' sign, the front door, and a bit of the shuttle is paper as well. Plaster was used to fill the Nerf game to create the disintegrating asphalt and concrete.

Various greeblies came from various sources. The top view ports were cut off their bases, sanded lenses glued in.

All paints are various brands of acrylics. The glue used is C.A.

(There is a bottom hatch to the shuttle, complete with anti-slip texturing that should have been shown in the open position. If any seer can tell me where it went.....)

Image: Base of the tower

Image: Closer look at the tower

Image: Public address system loudspeakers

Image: Satellite dish

Image: Shuttle rear

Image: Front view

Image: Side

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