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Imperial Speeder Bike

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by Peter Zabel

Scale: 1/14

I had purchased this model kit some time ago. One night whilst browsing the internet for model sites I stumbled upon this site and the competition. I must admit the wreck competition has given me much inspiration to try something which I normally would not have done. It was great to go the extra mile and put a lot of thought and effort into this model which I normally would not have done.

Now I will try and give you a light summary of what I did to the Speeder Bike to take it from stock to what you see as a Speeder Bike wreck.

I added some dents to the back sides as if the Speeder has had a few bumps and one on the top front of the main body as if a heavy pole had fallen on top of it. I imagine that the speeder would have more damage and wear to the foot altitude controls and front stabiliser fins as it would be the first point of contact so I put a break in one of the foot controls and a bend in the other. I also added paint chips and rust to them.

At the base of the hand controls I put some Tamiya X-19 smoke paint to resemble oil or grease leaks. To the top and sides of the hand control I added a lot of wear. In general I added dry brushing, wash and fading, chips, rust and scratches to the entire bike.

The scout was painted with Humbrol flat white #34 for the abdomen and pockets and Tamiya X-2 Gloss white for the armour just so he did not look like new he got a dusting of graphite powder but that did not show up in the photos well.

The base is a front of a drawer. Plaster was added; while it was still wet I shaped and added some potting mix for the ground cove. The plants are all made by my self with paper, plastic, wire and an old craft brush. For the creek I used a mix of sand and fine potting mix for the bed and a couple of small stones. The water is made from epoxy resin and a top coat of Folkart Papier Glass Finish stolen from my wife's scrapbooking supplies. I added lichen here and there on the forest bed and over the fallen log that lies over the creek bed.

The title was made using my wife's Craft Robo, which is an electronic cutter she uses for her scrapbooking. I mounted the title on wooden tongue depressors that I had joined together and painted with flat black I also added the Star Wars logo that came with the kit to the title, which I brushed with a gold stamp pad and give a coat of clear varnish so the ink did not rub off.

Image: Overall

Image: Rear view of the scene

Image: From the right

Image: Banged up back

Image: Hand controls

Image: Left foot

Image: Right foot

Image: Scout's left

Image: Scout's right

Image: Fins

Image: Underneath

Image: Creek bank

Image: Creek front

Image: Flora

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