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Viper Mk 2

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by Patrick Maley

Scale: 1/48

"Rusting out in a yard at Sagittaron" -- Crew Cheif Tyrol

I purchased this garage kit a few years back. It was missing some pieces, so it remained on the shelf until this contest.

I first hollowed the engine section and the nose section with my Dremel. I then added rib detail to the nose ,engine and tail section. Since the wings were missing, I had to scratchbuilt new wings with missing weapon section, wing tips and flaps. I then built a new canopy with plastic and covered it with lead foil.

I first painted the fighter with a 90% white 10% gray mixture. Then I masked the entire ship with 1mm tape to simulated the rib pattern. The top half of the fighter was then airbrushed a light coat of Floquil grime. The stripes were created using chalks. Decals were used for the bottom half to give a contrast to the sun abused top. Number decals were placed and using 8000 grit sandpaper,gently rubbed down. The cart was made from my parts box.

I was glad this contest came up to breathe new life into my little fighter with the missing parts bag.

Image: Nose

Image: Right/rear view

Image: Gaping hole

Image: Left/rear

Image: Left/front

Image: Front

Image: Top

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