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Icarus- The Final Touchdown

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by Marco Scheloske

Scale: Not stated

The spacecraft ICARUS was the first incarnation of an interstellar spacecraft launched by the USA, an exploration mission far away from home to Alpha Centauri. Something went very wrong during their journey, and the ship, carrying the four astronauts Colonel George Taylor, Lieutenants Landon, Stewart, and Dodge, crashlanded in the year 3978 AD, more than two thousand years after its celebrated lift-off, in an uncharted small sea on an unknown planet… really “unknown”?

"You maniacs! You blew it all up! Damn you! Damn you all to hell!" - Colonel Taylor.

This is an enhanced papermodel of the spaceship ICARUS. I really love that model, but I gave all away that I had build in the last years, so the wrecks contest was a perfect excuse to built this ship once again for myself.

The model itself is available as a free download. I made the base more sturdy using very dense foam plates as an internal structure. The same foam is used to make the nameplate on the front.

The water surface is made from “seafilm”, the part where the ship is sinking has been cut away so that it really sits inside of the waves. You can see the underwater-section of the ship when looking to the base at the correct angle. added the ongoing red and blue stripes on the hull and the small wings to that texture. It really looks like you are able to see into the water of the display base! Oh, and if you wonder whythe water is green and not blue: because it looks that way in the movie (a dirty little lake, not a sunny beach...).

Image: Overall

Image: Sinking

Image: From above

Now, the last words should be given to one of the brave crewmembers of the ICARUS, Lieutenant Landon: "Going... going.... gone."

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