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Crooked Fish

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by Thobe Appel-Christiansen

Scale: Not stated

At the end of December 2095 “The Marsian Morning Magazine“ wrote:

“This years Christmas will be a special one for the patrolling units of our honoured solar defence forces. Nearly fifty years have past since the solar defence force had introduced a large amount of a new starfighter design. It found its crucial role in the daily routine soon and has proven its durable build-up and strong weaponry in the following decades uncountable times. Pirates and criminals in the entire solar system have learned to fear it. The pilots quickly invented the nickname “Crooked Fish” because of its slightly irregular design.

The last of its type will now be transferred to the “Museum of Defence and Space”. During the recent years the newer space fighter mark “Thunderwave” has slowly taken over the place of heavily aged “Crooked Fishes”.

When officially donating the last old fighter to the museum General Allister Chavez said: “I used to pilot one of these old ladies myself when I started in the military forces. Both of us have grown old now and when thinking back I remember that my comrades and me used to make a lot of jokes about its ugly look but it always served us reliably and without any moaning”

This is my first kitbashed model and was quite fun building. Several kits were used plus some plastic sheets and bolted copper plates from regular ship modelling.

For the painting I started airbrushing it in different grey tones, then I began applying different shading and then weathering techniques layer wise. The missiles were and other smaller parts were painted separately. Decals from different kits were used and the letters were applied as rub on like decals which I used for the first time, they are quite good cause they are really thin and can easily be painted over/sealed, the brand is “Edding, transfer - Helvetica”.

The cockpit areas were painted black and then there was applied pearl shine-medium from Schmincke colors, I am not that fond of the final look of the windows though. The wings, which were taken from Revell's Jedi Starfighter, were painted over and gold foil was applied to the back to give a solar panel like look. The fish logo and text on the right wing were painted as freehand.

Overall I'm quite happy with the outcome of my first kitbashing project.

Image: Rear view

Image: Wing art

Image: Right side

Image: Looking down

Image: Front afain, wings moved

Image: Weapons

Image: ID

Image: Wear and tear

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