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Ork Dropship

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by Owen Top

Scale: 28mm

“Every landing you can walk away from is a good landing.” Fortunatly for the Orks in the Warhammer 40,000 uiniverse, they are tough enough to walk away from nearly anything because this model depicts a VERY good landing by a VERY skilled pilot!

I started building this as a piece of terrain for a campaign a friend and I were discussing late last year, but which never actually took off. It was intended to be used in the first scenario where his Ork army invaded the homeworld of my Ork army using rather... dubious drop ships in the great Orky tradition. Naturally one of them had to be crashed...

The model is based on a large polystyrene sphere covered in panels made from crumpled paper for that heavily beaten up Orky tech look. To this I added various bits of cardboard, some old wire spools, bent plastic rods, greeblies and three Citadel paint pot lids for engines. Landing gear where fabricated from various styrene tubes, oil drums and 1/35 scale wheels.

The model was sprayed black, had painted with Red Gore and dry brushed with Blood red. Details where picked out with various metalics and everythign heavily washed and rusted up.

Since the piece is meant to be a terrain feature for games it needed a base. I used polystryene and foam core, heavily coated in sand and sprayed black. This was drybrushed with house paints (my club makes so much terrain we actually got house paints mixed up to match some of the citadel colours we use), and static grass added around the rim.

I started this model last year, and the whole drop ship was finished and sitting on my desk at my parent's house until this contest came around. Now my entire wargames club will benefit from this contest motivating me to actually finish it!

Image: Front-ish

Image: Engines

Image: Plating

Image: Detail

Image: Insignia

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